Filling water bottles in schools

When choosing a new drinking water fountain for their school many people require a method of filling up reusable sports bottles as well as the traditional bubbler valve. The most common solution to this problem is the black lever tap. This swan neck shaped device can be retrofitted to any fountain and dispenses when the lever is pushed downwards.The problem with these taps is they are easy to break.The levers can snap off quite easily and the swan neck can be unscrewed and removed.Both these issues will leave your fountain pouring out water until it is either switched off or repaired.

Here at drinking water fountains we have another solution in the form of the HD1 Bottle-filler. This is a solid swan neck that operates via a push button that can be retrofitted onto most fountains.When fitted this filler cannot be snapped off and providing installed correctly cannot be unscrewed without spanners.The push button is mounted on the side, front or top of your fountain (dependant on model). We provide a full HD1 installation service( including retro fitting to existing fountains) within the M25 so please contact us on 08455004455 to discuss your requirements

Drinking Water Fountains