Find A Fountain

Find A Fountain is a charity developed by Aquatina Ltd and The Drinking Fountain Association which is dedicating itself to the fight against bottled water by mapping the location of public, outdoor drinking water fountainsDrinking water fountains across the U.K.

150 billion plastic bottles get thrown away each year; Find A Fountain wants to reduce the environmental damage caused as a result of this by instead promoting the use of free drinking fountains. They also promote the use of Aquatina Ltd’s reusable, collapsible pocket bottle to reduce waste.

Their goals are simple. They want to encourage the nation to drink water from fountains rather than opting for the pricey and environmentally damage alternative of bottled water. But just as important is trying to increase the number of free drinking water fountains available, and with the help of the public, they are mapping the locations of all the existing fountains to make them more easily accessible to people. Furthermore, by working with international projects such as WeTap, Find A Fountain eventually want to create a fountain mapping system that spans the globe.

Drinking Water Fountains promotes both the environmental and economic benefits of using water fountains, and we hope Find A Fountain’s campaign has continued success in encouraging and enabling access to free water.

Drinking Water Fountains