Sussex town installs public drinking water fountain

public water fountainsA West Sussex town has turned on a new outdoor drinking fountain as part of its campaign to persuade people to drink tap water rather than bottled water. The fountain has been installed on the quay in Arundel for everyone to use.

Arundel Agenda 21, the community group behind the initiative, has also designed a reusable “collapsible water bag” for people to fill with water. The group was concerned about several issues, including the waste created by bottled water and the dangers to wildlife as a result of this waste. They were also unhappy about the cost of bottled water for the public, and wanted people to use a viable, safe and free alternative.

Spokeswoman Rita Godfrey said: “More people are now turning back to tap water and we want to make healthy tap water freely available to everyone visiting our town.”

The project has been supported by the South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA), West Sussex County Council, Arundel Town Council and Southern Water.

Drinking Water Fountains advocates the use of free public fountains as an economical and safe alternative to bottled water, and hopes there are more initiatives like that of Arundel Agenda 21.

Drinking Water Fountains