Hydrating London for 2012

public drinking water fountainsWith London 2012 fast approaching, the capital has been working on upping its supply of drinking fountains to ensure the thirst of the vast number of spectators to the capital’s Games will be quenched.

Back in 2009, the Mayor launched a scheme by Hydrachill, whereby water stations installed in areas such as Hammersmith bus station offer the public the opportunity to fill up their own bottles with chilled water for just 20p. All proceeds of these water fountains are given to WasteWatch, an environmental charity.

There have been several other drinking fountain schemes across London in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games. In 2010, a pilot drinking fountain was installed in front of St Paul’s Churchyard, and has proven to be very popular: so popular, in fact, that its success is hoped to be repeated with up to 50 more fountains across the capital as part of the scheme.

Projects such as these are primarily to ensure the best hydration for residents of and visitors to the capital city, particularly with the rising number of visitors who will be heading to London this summer. But they also serve to reduce the waste generated by plastic bottles and will help keep the city tidy whilst it is in the global spotlight, and beyond.

Drinking Water Fountains celebrates any efforts to make use of water as a free and natural resource, and is thrilled that London is making such an effort to invest in public drinking fountains as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water.

Drinking Water Fountains