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Royal Parks Foundation creates the ultimate drinking fountain

public drinking water fountainThe Royal Parks Foundation’s quest to create the ultimate drinking fountain for the Royal Parks was finally complete as Watering Holes, a unique sculptural stone fountain, was launched in Green Park, following the unveiling of Moxon Architects’ Trumpet in Kensington Gardens earlier this year. The two fountains are the winners of an international RIBA design competition supported by The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, New York. The fountain is Cornish granite perforated with three watering holes at heights from which adults, children, wheelchair users and dogs can drink cool, fresh water, in one of London’s most visited Royal Parks.

The initial design competition was an important element of a wider programme to restore drinking and ornamental fountains across the 5,000 acres of London’s Royal Parks. Michael Freeman, Trustee of the Royal Parks Foundation said: “These new drinking fountains are fabulous additions to the Royal Parks. We’re hoping to install them in other Royal Parks and potentially elsewhere.” There are around 35 public drinking fountains across the eight Royal Parks; 12 that needed the most urgent work will have been restored or replaced by the end of 2012.

Fernanda Kellogg, Chair of the Tiffany and Co. Foundation and design competition judge, said: “These two drinking fountains will enhance London’s Royal Parks visually – with their modern classic aesthetic – and environmentally, by helping to reduce the use of plastic water bottles in the Parks. We are overjoyed to be supporting this endeavor.”
Restoring historic fountains is a valuable and worthwhile project, and Drinking Water Fountains is pleased to see the importance of drinking fountains is being acknowledged across the capital.

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