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How much water do we really need?

drinking water fountainsMillions of us try to glug two litres of water a day.

We believe it helps keep us healthy and slim but Australian nutritionist Spero Tsindos, at La Trobe University in Melbourne, sparked controversy by claiming that eight glasses of water a day ‘is over the top’ and instead of hydrating our body’s cells, most of it comes out in our urine.

“Strictly speaking, most people don’t need two litres of water a day,” agrees Dr Carina Norris, a nutritionist and author of Healthy Eating. “We get a lot of water from food – especially fruit and vegetables – and from other beverages. However, two litres is a good amount to aim for and trying to stick to eight glasses a day certainly won’t hurt you.”

The benefits of staying hydrated include better health, digestion, improved immunity and it’ll leave you alert and energised.

“However, there is such a thing as a dangerous amount of water,” adds Dr Norris.

“Water intoxication is where a person drinks so much it dilutes the salt in their blood. It can leave you lethargic, light-headed and in extreme cases, it can be fatal. But this happens very rarely.”

It is important to be sensible with our water consumption, but many of us could do with drinking more of it. A drinking water fountain can be an excellent way to ensure you have access to cool, fresh drinking water at all times and is a great way to encourage kids to drink more water too!

Drinking Water Fountains