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Water shortages at the Olympics

drinking water fountain accessWater fountains are a valuable resource and the London Olympics have seen the potential problems caused when there is not enough access to drinking water fountains.

Water supplies have been seen over the past week during the opening days of the Olympics as temperatures, and thirst levels, soared.

Spectators cannot bring drinks of more than 100ml into Olympic venues, but can bring empty bottles to fill up at water fountains. However, at Greenwich Park on Saturday, some spectators have complained of queues of up to half an hour to get free drinking water, meaning everyone from children to the elderly were left waiting thirsty in the humid weather.

Locog “reacted overnight” to problems at several venues, their director of sport Debbie Jevans said.

“There’ll be mobile units moving around selling things like water,” she added.

Drinking Water Fountains commends the Olympics for promoting the use of environmentally friendly water fountains rather than bottled drinks. However, this situation has highlighted that accessibility to this commodity in an event on as large a scale as the Olympics is of paramount importance. You can never have too many drinking water fountains!

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