WaterDog drinking water fountain

WaterDog fountain for furry friends

WaterDog drinking water fountainDrinking Water Fountains sells top quality products to ensure that people are able to have a fresh drink of water whenever they need one. But what about our four-legged friends? In the hot summer months, dogs can suffer from dehydration, just like we can. Unless dog owners are mind-readers and know exactly when they want a drink, or have the time to keep putting down fresh, clean, cold water, dogs are at higher risk of this happening.

Mechanical engineer Jonathan Kirschner has come up with an ingenious solution to keep our canines cool. He raided his local hardware store. He cobbled together the prototype from a PVC pipe, sensors from a floodlight and a valve from a sprinkler system and the WaterDog was born.

The WaterDog attaches to your outdoor tap and contains a sensor — similar to the one in automatic outdoor lighting — that senses the dog is approaching and turns on the fountain. When the dog moves away the water stops.. The WaterDog is adjustable in height, chew resistant, has a battery-low light for the sensors and a split hose function so you can create a remote fountain somewhere else in the garden.

This means dogs can have constant access to clean fresh drinking water that hasn’t sat stagnating in the sun or getting dirty and breeding bacteria. Plus, it is a simple and fun toy for your dog to play with outdoors! You pretty much can’t lose with a device that keeps your dog happy and healthy. The WaterDog Tap is $69 and is available on the WaterDog website.

Drinking Water Fountains may focus on our two-legged customers, but it’s nice to see that there is also a helping hand out there for our furry friends!

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