Community invests in drinking fountain

Community fountain

Visitors to St Luke’s Gardens in Chelsea can now quench their thirst with fresh water from a smart Italian water fountain courtesy of the Sydney Street and District Residents’ Association.

The Residents’ Association was given a grant of £500 from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and decided to use the grant to buy a water fountain for the benefit of park users and promote the use of tap water rather than bottled water. The cast iron fountain, with a brass tap, was formally unveiled to the delight of some thirsty school children on Friday 7 September.

Finding a suitable fountain to complement the 125-year-old Grade II listed park had proved quite a challenge as most modern designs are not in keeping with the area. Fortuitously association member, Kim Taylor Smith, spotted just the right design during a trip to Pisa, Italy and tracked down the manufacturer.

Speaking at the unveiling of the fountain Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell said: “St Luke’s Gardens is a very popular park and I’m sure its visitors, especially youngsters, will be grateful that there is fresh water on tap. Using the grant in this way reflects…[how we can] build community spirit through doing things that matter to people such as installing this splendid drinking fountain.”

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