Shutting off the water supply to a water fountain

water-fountainsIt is common for customers to look to shutting off the water to a water fountain (or water cooler). This is often the case if there is water leaking from the fountain or if you are looking to shut off the water to water  fountains over a period like school holidays or during a winter period.

The shut-off valve is also used if you need to change the filter on the water fountain – so you can disconnect the pipework without being covered with a steady stream of water.

Soft-plumbed water fountain

Some water fountains are installed using flexible piping into the cooler. You can check at the back of water fountains for the type of water pipe. If the pipe is white and flexible it is common that you should have a connector attached to the water pipe that looks similar to the one on the right. This is the shut off valve – they are not always blue levers but you can tell from the rough shape that this is the shut off valve.

The shut off valve is open when the blue lever is in line with the body of the valve. To turn it off simply turn the lever 90 degrees.

Hard-plumbed water fountain

On a hard plumbed installation you will be able to see copper pipe coming out of the back of the fountain which will lead to the water supply. Trace the copper pipe back and near the water supply and you should find the installation trail (industry term for all the important plumbing parts needed for a water fountain installation). On the trail you will find an on/off valve – highlighted in red below – which can be turned 90 degrees. The shut off valve is open when the lever is in line with the body of the valve. To turn it off simply turn the lever 90 degrees.


When you have finished your fountain maintenance or an engineer has solved the issue then the valve is simply turned back into position allowing the water to enter the water fountain again.

Our first point of call when troubleshooting any leak in water fountains or coolers is to get the client to turn this valve onsite so that the water fountain and supply is secure. We can then arrange a convenient time to come to the premises and resolve the problem.


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