New installation of water fountains across Oxford expected

The all saints drinking fountain in Oxford is one of the fountains that we expect to announce will be restored to glorious working order by one of our clients.

A network of water fountains across Oxford is expected to returned to working order by a local plumbing/maintenance company who we have been working with recently. As part of a council wide initiative we have started to supply the necessary (and much upgraded) internal parts to bring these fountains back into working order.

We have also looked to dovetail this with an online initiative that lays out the location of fountains online. The aim being to encourage as many people across Oxford to starting using refillable bottles rather than one-trip bottles sold in newsagents and supermarkets. One of the first target groups is the tourists to the city and we are looking to raise awareness of the fountain network through printed media and at local tourist destinations.

We welcome the open approach that the council has shown to reducing the carbon footprint of visitors to the city, and also that of the local population.

Drinking Water Fountains