school drinking water fountains

Water – the drink to help you think!

school drinking water fountains

Drinking fountains in schools and colleges can aide in students’ academic progress by keeping their minds and bodies refreshed.

Water is essential for life, it is the largest constituent of the human body and makes up 65% of a boy’s body weight and 60% of a girl’s.

Adequate fluid intake is particularly important for children as they have immature thirst mechanisms, relatively high fluid loss and high activity levels. With less developed sweating and kidney functions, they are more at risk of becoming dehydrated during hot weather or intense physical activity.

Schools can help greatly in the efforts to encourage children to drink enough water by investing in brilliant, convenient drinking water fountains. By placing several of these fountains around the site, schools can give their pupils readily available access to the thing they need most in school…other than an education of course!

And not only will pupils benefit from having safe, fresh drinking water whenever they need it. Research has shown a direct link between hydration and improved cognitive ability. So if schools keep their students well-watered, they should see improved behaviour, improved effort and improved results!

Schools have a vital role to play in ensuring that good drinking habits are developed throughout childhood with the provision of easily accessible, good-quality water. Drinking Water Fountains supplies many schools with our fantastic fountains and we hope that all schools take water consumption as seriously as we do.

Drinking Water Fountains