Can we afford to dig deep for drinking water fountains?

During a time when money is tight and many people in Britain are still struggling to find work, we are continually beingYoung girl enjoys a clean drink from a drinking water fountain asked to donate to charities who fund and oversee the building of drinking water fountains in developing countries.

We’ve all seen the powerful, guild-inducing advertising, complete with harrowing statistics about how many children suffer after drinking dirty water. Now that we’re all trying to save the pennies, it is even more difficult to say yes to these charities. Not only this, but with regulations about providing drinking water in every workplace in Britain, we take for granted more than ever that when we’re thirsty, our thirst will be quenched.

There could be another way to help. Have you ever thought about travelling overseas with VSO and helping a community by providing your practical services and help build the necessary water pumps somewhere they’re so badly needed? It’s a great opportunity to travel, meet like-minded people and to help make a change in the world- and at no cost to you, the volunteer. People of all ages decide to take time out from studying or work to do something different, in a place they may not get to experience otherwise, and add something that looks great to their CV.

More and more individuals across the UK are taking time to volunteer, particularly at a time when work is so scarce, keeping them active and still acquiring great skills even if they’re not in full time employment. It’s not only water supplies that you can help source; many other programmes and projects are available, to cater for everyone.

Drinking Water Fountains