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Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles

Great Bear Water Cooler BottlesGreat Bear Water Cooler Bottles have inadvertently become a sideline passion of one of our owners, and we think they are an important part of the hydration story that drinking water fountains fit into.

We have been involved in water products across the UK & Europe for only ten years, but have taken the time to study the products that used to be important ways in which society was hydrated. Glass water cooler bottles were dominant in the American water cooler market since the start of the twentieth century and are no commonplace in antique shops & curio stores.

It was only in the early 1980’s that PET bottles started to become more commonplace, and very quickly their practical design meant that they replaced the glass water cooler bottles in circulation. Thus many ended up in peoples garages and at back yard sales.

Great Bear – established in the early 1900’s – was one of the largest and most loved of the water cooler brands. The intricate designs that were blown into their glass water cooler bottles make  them great collectors items. It is rare to see a selection like the one shown below – and lovely to see so many of the wooden crates that were used to protect the Great Bear water cooler bottles in transit.

We welcome any further pictures and information from aficionados of Great Bear water cooler bottles & the Great Bear brand.

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