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How Water Impacts Employee Wellbeing

Employee Health Drinking Water FountainSlowly the reality is dawning – companies need to start paying better attention to their staff members’ health and wellbeing. This is currently at the forefront of discussions in business circles, since the only way to maintain a competitive advantage in the long term is for a company to make their staffs’ physical and mental wellbeing a priority.

While this may seem a daunting undertaking for any company, there is a simple strategy that can simplify improving your employees’ wellbeing such as making sure they remain hydrated throughout day.

How important is office hydration?

It turns out that the inclusion of water coolers and other hydration solutions in the work place can have quite a significant impact on the wellbeing of your employees, both in the long and short term. This means that giving your employees easy access to a fresh and drinkable water source will make for a happier, healthier and more productive company. Not quite convinced? Read on to discover the many ways water improves the workplace.

Hydration keeps employees healthy

It’s not news that not drinking enough water can negatively impact health. Aside from the long term effects – such as kidney damage and seizures – short-term dehydration will result in conditions such as lethargy, joint pain, headaches, an inability to concentrate and even extremes like nausea, vomiting and memory loss. As an employer, you should know that these symptoms of dehydration can wreak havoc to your workforce and the quality and quantity of work being done.

Dehydration affects mood

Aside from the series of side effects dehydration can have on your employees’ health, it can also negatively affect their behaviour as well. Studies have shown that even the slightest level of dehydration can negatively affect a person’s mood, which can directly impact on the way in which they interact with their co-workers and their will to apply themselves to the tasks at hand. When employees have access to water and are able to hydrate themselves regularly throughout the day, not only does it drastically improve their moods, but also makes the whole office a more pleasant environment to work in – which is a plus for everyone!

Less sugary drinks

Modern workspaces often see an influx of sugary, carbonated and even caffeinated drinks that can have negative health effects on those who drink them. Choosing to feature a water cooler instead provides employees with a far healthier option to quench their thirst. By discouraging the intake of sugary drinks, you also play a role in the prevention of their nasty side effects, which include obesity and even diabetes.

There are a variety of reasons as to why it’s important to ensure that your employees are all properly hydrated throughout the day. Luckily for you, an office water cooler will also use up less power than the running of the office vending machine, which means you can easily swap the one out for the other without too much risk of increasing your overheads. At the forefront of your decision to invest in a water cooler for your employees, ought to be their wellbeing. And as the employer who is responsible for the way in which these people spend hours working, it’s important that you make the changes necessary to help them all perform at an optimal level.

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