The Health Benefits of Soda Water for Kids and Professionals

Children and professionals often see sparkling water as a more enticing option, with its refreshing effervescence that gives it a leg up on regular still water. soda-water-glassNot only does sparkling soda water do the job when it comes to keeping people hydrated, but it can also have some other benefits as a result of its mineral content. We take a look at some of the health benefits that soda water can have for children and professionals alike.


Children often complain about the bland taste of water and professionals can find it difficult to choose H2O over a cup of coffee as some see plain water just, well, plain. As a result, children and professionals (despite the latter knowing that it’s good for them) end up drinking enough less water and suffering from the side effects of dehydration.

Proper hydration is the key to optimal health for anyone, regardless of their age. That makes water the perfect liquid for staying hydrated because it’s sugar and calorie-free. Other positives of proper hydration include:

  • Helping your body keep cool
  • Nourishing the nose, eyes and mouth,
  • Maintaining healthy skin
  • Ridding your body of toxins
  • Lowering your blood volume
  • Promoting muscle and joint function


If drinking enough water in a day is a task you just can’t seem to stick to, then try soda water as a tantalizing option that will tickle your taste buds while helping you drink enough water to stay healthy.

Bone-Strengthening Calcium

Although you may know it as soda water, it is known as sparkling mineral water, which aptly describes that it contains significant amounts of minerals.

One of these elements is calcium. It’s best known for promoting bone strength and plays an important role in the heart’s muscle functions, cell signalling, nerve transmission and hormone secretion. Although the amount of calcium varies according to brand, some options can contain as much as 348 milligrams, which equates to 44% of the recommended daily value for a 2 000-calorie diet.

Magnesium is another mineral that can be found in soda water. It plays an important role in biological functions such as the protein synthesis, blood sugar regulation and pressure, and the proper functioning of muscle and nerves.

Despite the importance of magnesium to the healthy active human body, a study done in 2002 indicated that most people don’t get enough magnesium through their diets alone. The same study concluded that sparkling mineral water can function as a valuable source of magnesium that is also natural and calorie-free.

Be Sure to Avoid

Although there are many health benefits that soda water can have for children and adults alike, it’s important to keep in mind that not all sparkling water is as healthy as it should be. When sparkling water is flavoured, it can contain added sugars and artificial sweeteners that are packed with calories and other unhealthy ingredients.

If you’re looking for a good hydration option for children and professional, flavoured soda waters are definitely not an option you should invest in. Keep this in mind and opt for a soda water that is high in minerals and free from additives such as sugar, colourants, flavorings and artificial sweeteners. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add a little flavour yourself – just add chopped fresh fruit for natural taste on those days when plain sparkling water just will not cut it.


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