How to Maintain a Drinking Fountain

Illustration of dismantled drinking fountain spout.

Illustration of dismantled drinking fountain spout.

Drinking fountains are well-known for adding both aesthetic and refreshing qualities to an office, public space or even home. Whether yours is an indoor or outdoor model, it’s important that you ensure its proper maintenance. This will help to preserve its lifespan for many years to come. If you’re wondering exactly how to maintain a drinking fountain, then we’ve got the answers. Here are a few tips for keeping yours in tip-top shape.

Drinking Water Fountain Maintenance

The first thing you need to know is that regardless of what type you own, the submersible pump is the heart and soul of drinking fountain parts. Regardless of what your model is made from, this particular mechanism is what makes it tick. An outdoor pump needs to be regularly checked for debris from nature. Things like dirt, sand, leaves and grass should be wiped out of the fountain regularly. For an indoor hydration solution, the pump needs to be calibrated every now and then – this ensures that the noise level and efficiency of the component is preserved. Here are some more general tips to keep your fountain in good condition.

Keep it on

If you keep your drinking fountain on, this preserves the lifespan of the pump – as it’s not being turned on and off all of the time. If cared for properly this component can lasts up to 3 years. This is also a way to ensure that your water is at an optimum level of cleanliness as it will never be still or run the risk of going stagnant.

Clean it regularly

This not only will keep it looking great on the outside, but again ensures the sanitary aspect is prioritised. Most can simply be wiped clean inside and out with a clean cloth or sponge. You can use a bucket of water with bleach to sanitise the general surface area of a drinking fountain. You can even use this to clean the spigot and push button. Then ensure that you use hot water to rinse away any bleach residue – especially from the mouthpiece.

Sanitising wipes

Another pro tip is to keep a pack of wipes near the water dispenser, and make a daily routine of giving the mouthpiece and push button a bit of a clean with them. This doesn’t take too long and ensures it remains sanitary, as well as keeps your components looking great.

Have a good servicing partner

At the end of the day these small tips can reduce the need for repairing a drinking fountain too often. But it’s also a good idea to have a good relationship with a company that can consistently service your dispenser and ensure that you get your money’s worth in the long-term. At the end of the day this is still far more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than buying bottles of water for your office or home fridge.

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