Bottle Filling Stations | The Drinking Fountain of the Future

Water Bottle Filling StationsPossibilities of water shortages in the future are undoubtedly real, and can no longer be ignored according to environmental activists and even some governments of the international community. As the world faces the looming threat of climate change and pollution, many have speculated that one of the most affected resources will be water.

As temperatures rise, the rate of evaporation increases which can leave fresh water supplies dry. This may further be impacted by the possibility of droughts – part and parcel of climate change. The way in which we consume water will have to change, but how? Dispensers such as drinking fountains might just be the future of water efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Because water is a basic right, everyone should have access to it. The provision of drinking fountains around city parks, schools, businesses and hospitals will present the most effective solution, as they will waste very little water while ensuring everyone has adequate access to clean water.

The latest dispensers come in the form of bottle filling stations, which negate the need for bottled water, which is taxing on the environment in terms of production, transportation and recycling. What’s more, they (bottle filling stations) allow people to carry water around using reusable bottles. Not only do filling stations reduce the need to purchase bottled water, but most are energy and water efficient.

At University of Alaska Anchorage, USA, bottle filling stations have become the main source of water for students. Their popularity has been almost instantaneous, with an installed counter, which records the number of uses. It indicated that almost 57,423 plastic bottles had been saved from landfills as of June 2014, which means a lot less carbon emissions.

As these stations have nozzles that pour directly into the bottle with precision, there is very little wasted. Some can even be fitted with electronic devices that switch off water supply during times when they’re not in use.

While there is still a long way to go, drinking fountains such as bottle filling stations are paving the way in terms of helping to reduce our impact on the planet. As time goes by, these systems will become more improved, giving people a viable alternative to some sources that waste water and tax the environment.

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