New York High Line Drinking Water Fountains 0104

Maintaining and Repairing Drinking Fountains

New York High Line Drinking Water Fountains 0104

In recent years, there has been a big drive to eradicate the use of plastic water bottles with an increase of public drinking fountains, both outdoors and within office spaces, and even homes. While for the most part drinking fountains were phased out of urban plans, individuals are taking up the challenge of ensuring that this conservation-friendly practice isn’t lost altogether. Once you’ve implemented these amazing resources for any space, it then becomes important to understand how maintaining and repairing drinking fountains works.

Tips for Cleaning Your Drinking Fountain

A drinking fountain needs to be cleaned every single day in a quick sweep, and then at least a deep-cleansing once a week. This will ensure that it is always kept in a sanitary condition for drinkers. While you can usually find everything you need to clean a fountain at your local supermarket, it’s still important to partner with professionals for the long-term maintenance of the various components and parts, which need to be replaced annually.

Here are some tips for the day-to-day / week-by-week cleaning:

  1. Rub the mouth-piece and bowl with sanitizing wipes every single day. Even twice a day if possible, this will ensure that you alleviate any germ build-up.
  2. Once a week, pour a little bit of bleach around the bowl and mouthpiece and let it sit there for 5 minutes, then use a soft bristle brush to scrub the drinking fountain. Especially the mouth-piece or dispenser. Remember to pour a bucket of hot water over the drinking fountain to remove all of the bleach afterwards.

It’s also not a bad idea to keep a small supply of replacement parts for various elements, for example the fountain bubblers, bubbler cartridges, and bottle fillers in case of an emergency. For outdoor units this can happen after extreme weather especially. It’s important to partner with a good supplier who will service your units every few months to ensure that they are in tip-top shape.



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