Another heatwave on the way: 5 life hacks to help you stay cool


Summer season this year around is not playing around. At the beginning of July 2015, Britain recorded its highest temperatures ever this year as it soared to 32°C. But if you thought we were in the clear, you’d be sorely wrong. Forecasters have predicted that the UK will experience another wave of heat as the month ends. Some have even gone as far as predicting that it will tower the heatwave experienced in 2003, which clocked in at a sweltering 38.5°C at Brogdale, Kent.

If forecasts are anything to go by, this could mean that the UK will experience its hottest days in history. As a result, everyone is encouraged to practice extreme caution, even sun worshippers who might be tempted to go out and get a tan. Although there is uncertainty of whether temperatures will exceed 38.5°C, people are encouraged to avoid the sun as much as possible.

In a past blog we detailed how you could avoid becoming a victim of a heatwave. Our sister company also has another blog detailing what to do if your water dispenser isn’t working.

This blog will also provide additional advice on how to stay cool during the heatwave this month, so read on.

Create icy snacks

The beauty of water is that it can freeze, and your fridge’s freezer can help it cool down a lot faster. If you have an ice tray, fill it up with water and berries or other fruits. Stick it in the freezer until it has cooled down and take out a snack every 10 minutes. Alternatively you can opt for ice-cream, but this is a far pricier, not to mention unhealthy, option. Water-based ice snacks are the healthiest choice.

Use a water spray

Never throw away reusable spray bottles as these will come to your aid on a hot summer’s day. Fill it up with water and also stick in the fridge until it’s cold. Every now and again, take it out and spritz yourself on your neck and forehead. Remember to keep it in the fridge so it stays cool.

Use your fan as an air conditioner

Your fan may cool things down, but not as much as you want it too. However, you can also transform it into air conditioning without spending large amounts of money. Take a jug of frozen liquid or a bowl of ice and place it just in front of the fan’s blades. The results will almost be instantaneous. Fill two jugs or bowls, placing one in the fridge and the other in front of the fan, alternating when the bowl becomes warm.

Eat salad, and lots of it

Heatwaves are also a perfect excuse to eat healthy. Raw vegetables and fruits made into salads hydrate your body when it’s hot, which will cool you down and stop you from being dehydrated.

Remember to drink lots of water, stay out of the sun, and keep an eye on those who are more vulnerable to heat – the young, sick, pregnant and elderly. Stay cool and hydrate.

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