Why Water Fountains Are Suited To Harsh Environments


It can sometimes be tricky to implement the correct infrastructure for a high-density facility like a prison. There are many factors to consider, for example areas of high usage, robust materials for a tough environment and of course safety. When it comes to dispending drinkable water in this kind of establishment, it’s important to ensure efficiency and durability. A popular solution is to opt for water drinking fountains in specific areas of the facility.

The Challenges

There are a number of challenges that need to be addressed when deploying water fountains throughout a prison. Issues like prisoner vandalism, riots and fights can cause a great deal of expensive repairs and replacements when fixtures are ripped out of walls or broken. For example, in 1990 the Manchester Strangeways Prison riot inflicted so much damage to the facility, the cost of repairs came to a hefty £90 million.

The Solutions

It’s important to partner with a supplier that understands institutional environments. The products you choose should be built and tested specifically for volatile surroundings. Not only do you want to protect the infrastructure of your building but most importantly, also the security of inmates and staff who could be put in dangerous situations if fixtures are manipulated into dangerous weapons.

Ideally you want durable materials like heavy-gage stainless steel, as well as units with absolutely seamless welding. This means no accessible gaps or crevices where elements like weapons or contraband can be concealed. You will also want to consider water drinking fountains that can withstand extreme pressure and beating without deformation.

Choosing Water Drinking Fountains

Once you’ve got a supplier offering units that are durable and safe, then you can begin considering the style and volume of water fountains that your prison facility would require. Serving water in higher volumes without the expenditure and waste of bottled water delivery, drinking fountains are hands down just ideal. This is especially true in terms of optimising space; you can even choose between free-standing and wall-mounted options. Depending on your requirements and units, you can also choose to further improve the quality, taste and odour of your mains water supply by fitting a water purification system.

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