Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Outdoor drinking fountains are popular in areas of high usage like schools, colleges, sport facilities, gyms or hospitals. Outdoor drinking fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from classic to modern architectural styles. Some models even chill and filter the mains fed water.outdoor-drinking-fountain

Water drinking fountains are often made from durable materials such as concrete, marble or stainless steel making them sturdy, long-lasting, and able to withstand outdoor weather.

Many of the internal mechanisms of an outdoor drinking fountain are also made of strong materials, making them ideal for high traffic areas where people will be making regular use of the fountain.

Apart from being sturdier, outdoor water fountains also have the following benefits over bottled or other types of water coolers:

  • No need to replace or clean plastic bottles.
  • A constant supply of fresh, clean water to your staff, pupils or facility vistors.
  • Considerably cheaper to maintain and repair over a bottled water cooler.
  • No bottle delivery charges

Outdoor drinking fountains also require little maintenance after installation. The installation process can be complicated as the drinking fountain needs to be fitted onto plumbing. However, once installation is completed the fountain will not require additional servicing or parts.

Drinking Water Fountains