Do I Need a Water Cooler or a Drinking Water Fountain?

Getting the right source of clean and filtered water can be quite tricky if you are not sure what type of system you actually need. There are numerous options out there, from bottled water coolers to indoor drinking water fountains so it can become a bit confusing deciding what the best option for you is.

Well, not to worry. We have created a list of important elements you should consider before settling on the perfect water system.

Water Source

If you are leaning towards the options of a water fountain or a plumbed-in water cooler it is important to consider linking it up to a water source. This can be quite limiting to where you are able to install the machine as it needs to be near a mains water feed.

You could always fit new pipes into the area of your choice. Just remember the further from the water source you go the less control you will have over water temperature.

Power Source

Both plumbed-in or bottle fed water coolers need a power source to work. If you want to chilled water you will have to place your water cooler or refrigerated water fountains close to a plug point.

Wall and Floor Space

A drinking water fountain comes in both wall mounted and free standing options, whereas a water cooler machine usually would be placed on a counter top or in a corner. With a fountain you can also get a recessed option. It is important to consider your space and what placement would be best for the water system users.

Another consideration is whether people can easily access the water fountain or water cooler. People who use fountains will generally lean or hutch forward to reach the sprout. With a water cooler you only have to think about where to place cups.


Cleaning and sanitising your water system can be quite a big job. Filters need to be cleaned and replaced. Taps and basin’s need to be regularly sanitised to prevent bacterial build up. For plumbed-in options make sure you check whether maintenance needs to be performed on the pipes before installation.

If you are interested in buying a drinking water fountain or water cooler, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff on 0845 500 4455.

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