Cosmetal Drinking Water Fountains

Cosmetal Drinking Water Fountains were founded in Italy in 1963. With more than 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing water coolers, Cosmetal are now one of the leading drinking water fountain companies in Europe.

Cosmetal drinking water fountains offer a range of high performance products with great sturdiness. The range of water fountains come with the option of a direct coolingDrinking-Water-Fountains-Cosmetal-river-drinking-water-fountain system which guarantees the delivery of chilled water.

The Cosmetal range of fountains are attached to the mains water supply providing a constant flow of high quality drinking water to you. Another benefit of Cosmetal drinking water fountains is their minimal water wastage.

We stock a range of Cosmetal Drinking Fountains, from wall mounted to outdoor standing drinking fountains. Their unique robust design is guaranteed to withstand the test of time and their finishes suit a number of environments.

Cosmetal drinking water fountains have the ability to hold high capacities of water which makes them perfect for public areas, train stations and factories. We stock a full range of spare parts for the Cosmetal Drinking Fountain range. We can also arrange site surveys for customers who have taken over existing water fountain installations and want to check over the existing water system.

Drinking Water Fountains aim to provide only the best customer service to our clients no matter how big or small the request may be. Should you require any more information on the Cosmetal Drinking Water Fountain range, please feel free to contact one of our experienced and friendly customer care team on 0030 123 3309.

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