Why You Need A Water Filter For A Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking Water Fountains are known to be specialist providers of a wide range of drinking water fountains. We are in partnership with two of the UK’s leading water providers, The Water Cooler Company and The Water Delivery Company. Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible service and quality drinking fountain accessories including water filters.

More About Our Water Filters

The purpose of a water filter in a drinking water fountain is to clean mains water before it enters the drinking fountain. The water filters ultimately ensures that water impurities and possible contamination is avoided. To make sure that the drinking water remains healthy and drinkable, it is expected that water filters be changed every six months.

It is important to note that water filters are recommended for most drinking water fountains, however, they are not completely essential. You ultimately have the choice of deciding whether it will benefit you or not. We do recommend that you opt for a water filter to ensure the prolonged integrity of your fountain.

We supply two main types of water filters. These include Omnipure Water Filter (higher quality filtration) and the Pentek 3G Water Filter (lower quality filtration). These filters are available on a next day delivery.

We also stock other brands of water filters should you need an exact replacement for a certain water filter.

If you are interested in finding out more about our accessories and spare parts or you would like to order from Drinking Water Fountains please feel free to contact us on 08455004455. Alternatively, you can email us at quotations@thewaterdeliverycompany.com and we will gladly assist you

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