The New Pro Stream From Cosmetal

Drinking Water Fountains love finding new products that make your life easier. It is time to say goodbye to long waiting times for hot water! Now with the touch of a button, the innovative Pro Stream from Cosmetal will instantly dispense extra hot water at 98° C which is the ideal temperature for a number of hot drinks.

Pro Stream Has Reinvented Hot Water

Now with the stylish and functional Pro Stream you can instantly boil hot water to fill a 250ml mug in five seconds flat. You no longer need to wait for the kettle to boil before you can enjoy your favourite cup of tea or hot drink!

Welcome yourself into the 21st century with this new innovative Pro Stream. The stylish tap is sure to fit into any kitchen or office environment. It is installed under your counter space which means that your will not have to worry about it taking up any space.

This water boiler includes a built-in heating unit and a coordinated tap.  The Pro Stream is directly connected to the water mains meaning it can offer an unlimited and uninterrupted source of extra hot water.

The water sits at a constant temperature of 98° Celsius and has a safety function to avoid dispensing boiling water accidentally. This nifty Pro Stream water boiler is also equipped with an automatic energy saving mode and will switch off after 2 hours of not being used.

The Cosmetal Pro Stream revolutionises boiling water, it will save you time and will provide you with constant easy access to instant hot water.

For more information on the Cosmetal Pro Stream or to get your hands on this awesome boiling solution, you can contact one of our friendly customer care team on 0845 500 4455 or you can contact us online.

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