Our Bestselling Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains we offer a variety of indoor drinking water fountains that are designed to suit a number of requirements and environments. From wall mounted to floor standing fountains, we stock long term hydration solutions that will constantly produce fresh and filtered water.

Looking for the ideal drinking water fountain for your working environment can be quite daunting. All the different shapes, sizes and functionalities can be quite hard to nail down. To help you with choosing the ideal water fountain for you, we thought we would mention our most popular fountains.

Indoor Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain

Classically associated with leisure and sporting facilities, our wall mounted units are the ideal compact solution for easy access to clean drinking water. Our bestselling unit is the Oasis PAC Non-Refrigerated drinking water fountain. This model comes with easy push front and side buttons that activate the flow of the water. The model’s basin is designed to eliminate splashing and standing water. A classic water fountain that is great for environments where space is an issue and a drinking fountain workhorse is needed.

Indoor Floor Standing Water Fountain

Our floor standing units come in a variety of applications and styles. Our most popular indoor floor standing water fountain is the Oasis Colorado Floor Standing Water Fountain. This unit is suitable for a variety of applications and locations where space is an issue. The Colorado is constructed of robust, heavy duty galvanised steel and can produce up to 20 litres of chilled water an hour.

Well there you have it!

If you are interested in finding our more information on either of these models or about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 500 4455. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Drinking Water Fountains