Our Indoor Drinking Water Fountains Range

At Drinking Water Fountains, we offer a wide range of water fountains for both indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking for floor standing units or wall mounted fountains and even bottle filling stations, we stock them all.

Our drinking water fountains come in a variety of styles that are the ideal hydration solutions for environments in need of refreshing drinking water.

Indoor Floor Standing Drinking Water Fountains

Floor standing units are perfect for environments in need of high-capacity hydration solutions. Most of our range dispense chilled water and have an output of up to 60 litres of cold water an hour.

Our drinking water fountains can also be toughened to plastic models which are popular in educational and public sectors. Our range is also available with long neck glass fillers (for filling bottles) or traditional bubbler valves.

Indoor Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountains

These are the compact solution for easy access to clean drinking water. They are classically associated with sports and leisure sectors. Indoor wall mounted drinking fountains are plumbed into the mains-fed water supply and drainage system. Some models come with easy access side panel buttons while others can be retrofitted to bottle filling stations.

Recessed Drinking Water Fountains

These units are ideal for high usage environments and are generally installed during the kit-out stage of new buildings. They are built into the buildings infrastructure and do not affect the room of the area they are situated in. Recessed drinking fountains are directly plumbed into the water supply and drainage system behind their exteriors.

Bottle Filling Stations

These innovative drinking fountains are ideal for education, healthcare and fitness facilities. The electric sensor provides touchless refills by simply placing a bottle within the marked areas of the fountains.

If you are interested in purchasing or renting a drinking water fountain from us, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 500 4455.

Drinking Water Fountains