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Drinking Water Fountains supplies an extensive range of specialised drinking water solutions. We have over a decade of experience in supplying customers who are seeking to install lasting drinking fountains in their respective facilities.

Indoor Drinking Fountains

We offer an extensive range of indoor drinking water solutions tailored to suit a variety of different requirements.

We supply wall mounted drinking water fountains, floor standing drinking water fountains, recessed water fountains and bottle filling stations.

  • Wall mounted drinking water fountains are built onto the structure of a wall, they utilise the mains water feed as their source of water.
  • We supply a variety of indoor floor standing drinking water fountains that range in the amount of chilled water they can dispense in an hour.
  • Recessed drinking water fountains are ideal for areas where space is limited as they are installed within the structure of the wall.
  • Our bottle filling stations are quite technologically advanced as they contain an electronic sensor which refills water bottles without even having to touch the unit. Maintenance on these machines is less frequent than others because of their clever no touch innovation.

Outdoor Drinking Fountains

We supply two varieties of outdoor drinking water fountains, the wall mounted water fountains and the floor standing water fountains which are designed in many different shapes, sizes and finishes. They are regarded as robust workhorses as they are able to manage high usage areas.

Accessories and Spare Parts

From spare parts to water filters, we stock all the extra gadgets you may need for the maintenance of existing water fountains. We also provide an installation service and provide maintenance contracts to keep your drinking water fountains up and running.

If you interested in our drinking water solutions please contact us on 0845 500 4455 or visit our website for our extensive range of drinking water fountains.



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