Benefits Of Using Filters For You Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a range of innovative hydration solutions fit for all sectors of business. A water fountain is an ideal way to provide fresh drinking water which is uncontaminated and contains fewer chemicals than tap water. Many people often ask why it is important to have a water filter in your water fountain so we thought we’d put together some of the pros for your reading pleasure.

Benefits Of Using Filters For You Water Fountains

• Water filters provide a tastier drink which contains fewer contaminants than normal tap water. It also is odourless and will not smell as chemically.
• Water filters remove lead, which is a harmful substance to the human body.
• Water fountains are a cheaper option than buying bottled water and far easier to access. Meaning that you will be saving money and producing less waste
• Drinking clean, filtered water can help the body fight disease and boost your immune system.
• Water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33% by removing harmful chemicals from the water.
• Water filters can filter out over 2000 harmful contaminants which can severely damage our body.

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