Why Maintenance is Important for Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock one of the widest selections of water fountains available on the UK market. As leaders in the hydration industry, we have over 10 years’ experience in scoping environments and installing drinking water fountains.

Whether you need an indoor drinking fountain or a more robust external model, we are sure to have the right water dispenser for your environment. Choosing the right type of unit can sometimes be difficult with so many shapes, sizes and functionalities to choose from. Never fear, our experienced team are always on hand to ensure that you find the right drinking water fountain to meet your needs and requirements.

Drinking fountains are robust workhorses that require very little attention and can handle high demanding spaces with complete ease. A major benefit of a fountain over any other type of hydration solution is that it offers a long-term means of providing refreshing drinking water to customers and staff alike. Over time drinking fountains experience wear and tear requiring maintenance as well as replacement of parts.

Our Drinking Fountain Maintenance Contract

We offer repair and maintenance services of drinking fountains. Our technicians are able to repair, service, change water filters as well as sanitise your unit to ensure the prolonged integrity of your machine.

Our team of skilled professional can maintain and repair drinking fountains which helps to keep their high-quality attributes. Generally, our basic fountain repair and cover includes a six-monthly sanitation and filter change in accordance with municipal regulations.

By maintaining your fountain, you are ensuring hygiene standards while participating in the essential part of product care.

If you require more information regarding our repair and maintenance agreements, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service team on 03330 123 3309. Alternatively, you could pop us a mail at contact@drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk.

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