Installing A Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking Water Fountains stock a range of innovative hydration solutions. Are you looking to install a drinking fountain? If so you’ve come to the right place! Follow our step by step guide below:

Step One – Find A Power And Water Supply

Before installing your drinking water fountain, you will need to find a reliable water and power supply. We advise that your drinking water fountain is no further than 3 metres from a power supply and needs to be close to a water supply. Never fear, if you want to place your drinking water fountain somewhere where there is no power and water supply, we will send in a third party to help you out.

Step Two – The Water Fountain

Unbox your beloved new water fountain. Check all of the components are there by doing a simple inventory.

Step Three – Connecting Your Water Fountain

Now you are ready to install your drinking water fountain! Make sure you have installed the shut off valve so the water doesn’t flow before it should. Connect the water and the chiller
unit (If applicable)

Step Four – Flush Your Water Fountain

We suggest that you flush your lines before you secure your unit. Simply open your shut off valves and flush your water fountain.

Step Five – Secure Your Water Fountain

Depending on the design of your drinking water fountain, you will either need to attach it to a wall or to the floor. Locate your brackets and screws. Drill holes in the wall and secure tightly.

Step Six – Test You Fountain

It’s time to test out your fountain! Adjust the drinking fountain pressure for desired amount of water.

If you are having difficulty installing your drinking water fountain or would like more information on our water fountains range, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 500 4455. Alternatively, you can pop one of our friendly customer service team a mail on contact@drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk.

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