Repairing a Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking fountains are sold with promises of top quality and efficiency, wear and tear can occur. There are various issues which can occur to a water fountain. Some are basic and others, not so much. Drinking Water Fountains ensures that every water fountain contains an instruction guide for unforeseen circumstances. Our instruction manuals are great to use when trying to understand why your drinking water fountain is doing something strange or out of the ordinary.

Common Repair Issues for a Drinking Water Fountain

  • The Water Is Too Hot or Too Cold: This usually occurs when the compressor does not have any refrigerant left. We suggest you contact your service provider to have a look at the compressor and refill it.
  • Clogs in The Water Fountain: These can also be known as blocks. They are able to cause problems or damages to the water fountain. A water fountain expert should come out and have a look at the water fountain.
  • Internal Water Leaks: These can occur due to various reasons such as drain gasket issues, cooling tank problems or push in fittings. It is important to find the leak before contacting your service provider. This will save you time.
  • Finding my Model Number: A model number is important when sending through a water fountain repair. This number consists of letters and numbers and be located anywhere on your water fountain.

Maintenance is important and should occur every six months when having a water fountain. This is able to reduce potential problems found within your water cooler. Drinking Water Fountains ensures that you receive the most efficient maintenance package. This is to guarantee the longevity of your drinking fountain.

As part of our maintenance plan, we use technicians to repair, service, change filters and sanitise your drinking water fountain. We have a team of experts who will make sure that you always have easily accessible filtered drinking water.

Well, there you have it! We hope this information will help you in the future when you experience some water cooler problems and need repairs. Trust Drinking Water Fountains to provide you with everything you need to know about a water fountain.

We understand the thought of repairing a drinking water fountain can be daunting. Well, we are here to ensure you have all the information and support regarding a water fountain.

Drinking Water Fountains aim to assist our customers with best possible advice regarding a water fountain. This is to ensure that we offer effective and efficient services. Our experts are willing to share a few tricks and tips to use when maintaining a water fountain.

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We have a friendly team of consultants who will happily provide you with the necessary information for your drinking water fountain.

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