Indoor Bottle Filling Station

If your workplace keeps up with the latest technologies, it probably has an indoor bottle filling station. The most basic water bottle filling stations are essentially a water fountain with an extra nozzle for bottles. Combined with keeping staff hydrated, they get some exercise in the process.

While we all know the benefits of having an office water cooler or refill station, here are a few more:

Bottle Filling Stations Are Convenient

Imagine not having to go in search of water when at work. Indoor filling stations offer you the luxury of accessing fresh drinking water throughout the day without having to leave the building or spend any money. Office water coolers promote efficiency and value.

Helps The Environment

Thousands of plastic bottles are thrown away every day and later disposed of in a landfill. Some plastic containers end up in the ocean where they are mistaken for food by birds and fish. This can result in them becoming ill and dying from ingesting plastic. Refilling reusable water bottles at a drinking fountain reduces the number of plastic containers thrown in the bin and ending up in landfills.

Stay Hydrated And Healthy

Visits to the office refill station make it easier to stay properly hydrated during the day. It also helps ensure you hydrate with something of quality.

We have a range of indoor bottle filling fountains in our inventory. The electronic sensor within the drinking fountains provides touchless refills of water bottles for customers. Simply, place a water bottle in the clearly marked space within the fountain and the bottle filling station will automatically fill it with a programmed amount of water.

Installing a bottle filling station isn’t just a matter of convenience, it is a great way to help your wallet, the environment, and your production levels.

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