Our Drinking Fountain Brands

In our inventory, we have a range of drinking water fountains for any and every environment. Whether you are looking for an outdoor, indoor, floor standing or a wall mounted drinking fountain – we stock them all.

We have selected 3 brands to highlight in this post, Elkay drinking fountains, Oasis drinking fountains and Cosmetal drinking fountains.


Elkay is probably the longest established water cooler manufacturer in the world and was founded in the USA.

Elkay drinking water fountains are built to the highest quality standards. They can withstand the most demanding office and external environments.


Oasis drinking water fountains are one of the more commonplace drinking fountains seen in facilities within the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Over 100 years later they offer some of the more innovative drinking fountains available in the long-term hydration marketplace.


Founded in Italy in 1963, Cosmetal offers a wide range of robust and reliable drinking fountains. Cosmetal has evolved to become one of the international leaders in the manufacturing of water fountains.

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock the entire River range of Cosmetal fountains.
The Cosmetal River fountain range offers great sturdiness and high performance. This range provides customers with the option of a direct cooling system which guarantees maximum hygiene for factories, workshops, communities and public places.

Browse our range to find the best fountain to suit your needs and order it with ease. Once you’re done, please use our contact form to make an enquiry or alternatively call us on 0330 123 3309.  We have fully trained staff ready to take your call and advise which drinking water fountain is most suitable for your needs.

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