Drinking Water Fountains In Schools And Gyms

Drinking water fountains are a long-term hydration solutions that are built to withstand high demand environments. Having easy access to clean drinking water is essential in places such as schools and gyms. Investing in one or more fountains is important as it plays a major role in developing our bodies and brains.

Water Fountains In Schools

Children need to keep hydrated at all times as their bodies lose typically more water than adults do. They spend most of their days at school, therefore we need to make sure that schools are offering our kids the right amount of water that their bodies need to keep them up and running. Drinking water fountains are suitable for both outdoor environments as well as for inside school buildings. Schools need to invest in indoor as well as outdoor water fountains so that students will be able to access clean fresh drinking water whether they learning or playing.

Water consumption helps with children’s intellectual functionality and mood improvements. As for dehydration, it will affect negatively on student’s productivity and ability to concentrate. Having easily accessible water in school creates a healthy learning environment and results in greater visual attention, improved short-term memory and a better well-being.

Students who suffer dehydration are more prone to experiencing accidents, mistakes and time wastage due to problems with processing information as well as fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. Just 1% of dehydration can reduce productivity by as much as an astonishing 12%

Fountains In Gyms

When we train, we tend to push our bodies to its physical limit which makes it very important to keep hydrated during this time. When we exercise, our bodies lose water. It is of utmost importance to drinking enough water during training sessions and shortly after exercising to restore your bodies water.

The contracting of your muscles during your workout produces metabolic heat. This excess heat must leave the body which is done through sweating. Hence, the reason why we need to drink a load of water while at the gym.

At Drinking Water Fountains, we encourage schools and gyms to invest in fountains to ensure that water is accessible at all times. This also encourages people to keep hydrated and drink more water all year round.

Our Indoor drinking fountains come in both wall mounted and floor standing models. We also offer a wide variety of different types of water solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. To ensure that your drinking fountain is taken care of from the time of purchase and during the use thereof, we offer effective and efficient maintenance services to our customers.

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