How To Effectively Clean Your Drinking Fountain

Adding an indoor or outdoor drinking water fountain to your environment is a great way to encourage our staff or customers to stay hydrated. To ensure your that your water dispenser has an increased lifespan, proper maintenance is key. If you’re worried that you just might blow a gasket trying to figure it out, we’ve got you covered with a few simple guidelines on how you can easily clean your drinking fountain.

Tips to Clean Your Drinking Fountain

Step 1 – Prepare and Protect

Safety always comes first, and in this case, remember to switch off the power and water supply of the drinking fountain. A pair of protective gloves will come in handy when you’re cleaning your drinking fountain.

Step 2 – Investigate

Check for anything that hinders the efficiency of the drinking fountain. An outdoor drinking fountain, whether it’s a wall mounted or floor standing water fountain, needs to be checked for debris like fallen leaves, dirt or sand. Whereas indoor drinking fountains need to be calibrated often to prevent a high noise level or low efficiency level.

Step 3 – Spare Parts

If you’ve noticed that a part of the water fountain has become rusty or is not working efficiently anymore, you might have to replace the part with a spare part. The core part of any drinking fountain is the submersible pump, it allows the fountain to run optimally at all times. If this is faulty, you may need to get experts out.

Step 4 – Basic Clean

After you’ve done your investigation and removed the objects blocking the water fountains productivity, the next step is to give the water fountain a good scrub.  Armed with a simple clean cloth or sponge, wipe the interior and exterior of the fountain. You can couple this with a bucket of water and bleach to sanitise the area around the drinking fountain.

Step 5 – Stain Removal

If after the basic clean you have started noticing some persistent marks on or in your drinking fountain that require more attention, grab some white vinegar and baking soda, mix it carefully, and apply it to the problem area. Use an old toothbrush to carefully scrub the marks. Rinse the mixture out with some water.

Step 6 – Maintenance

To have a long lasting indoor or outdoor drinking fountain, make sure you follow these steps and clean your fountain regularly. If you’re swamped with work or have limited time to do a thorough clean, invest in a good servicing partner that could do all of this for you in half the time!

A clean water fountain is not only beneficial to your health but your pocket too. Save an extra penny by maintaining the health of your water fountain.

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