Drinking Water Fountain Hygiene

Drinking clean, pure water is almost as important as staying hydrated. It has been proven that children do not drink enough water at school, evidence shows that mild dehydration results in a measurable decline in mental performance. A recent study of young adults found that mental performance decreased by 10% when they were thirsty. The solution to this? A drinking water fountain! But to ensure high productivity, you’ve got to maintain your drinking water fountain hygiene.

Drinking water fountains have been around for ages, famous for providing water to anyone that passes it by, increasing the reach and access to the vital mineral. Having a drinking water fountain around comes with a lot of benefits, but to fully take advantage of your fountain, you need to make sure the drinking water fountain hygiene is as high quality as the water you’re drinking. If you’re thinking about investing in a drinking water fountain, here are some hygiene facts to consider:

  • Take a sip, don’t slurp

If you’re drinking from a public fountain, a suggestion would be to refrain from placing your mouth directly at the nozzle of the fountain, rather sip delicately from the spurt of water.

  • Don’t want to sip? Fill up

If you’re not a fan of drinking straight from the fountain, why not fill a water bottle up with the water instead. By doing this you are able to carry your water around and guarantee hydration.

  • Stick to the usual health cues

Let the water run for a few seconds before taking a sip, and wash your hands after touching the fountain.

  • Clean often

A drinking water fountain doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, rather give it a couple of thorough wipes now and again for it to work optimally. Check out the guide we did on our blog on how to effectively clean your drinking fountain.

These tips guarantee your drinking water fountain hygiene!

Drinking water fountain at school?

Don’t forget, your child’s hydration requirements are proportionally higher than yours – 1.5ml of water per k/cal of food as opposed to 1ml/kcal in adults. So make those 8 glasses of water go down a little smoother, and cleaner, by investing in a drinking water fountain today. Watch drowsiness go down and spirits up!

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