The Water Fountain of Youth

Water has been known to cure minor ailments faced and helps the body function in tough time. A full grown adult can go without food for weeks but water only a few days.

Water Fountain of Youth

It is no coincidence that water was referred to as “the fountain of youth” as water held a sacred meaning to the people long ago. A source of cleansing and healing even believed to have the power of restoring youth to whoever drinks from or bathes in its waters. Who would not want to stay young forever?

Today, the importance of water has been lost in a cloud of sugary drinks and replacements which are marketed in a similar fashion to what water was many years ago. Energy drinks are believed to give you super-natural energy and ability to tackle any tasks no matter how drained you might be feeling. You would feel an unusual amount of energy going through your body which eventually leads to a crash after an energy drink.

Water on the other hand, in its purest form, has the same effect on the body without any unusual feeling.
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Our Range of Fountains

Our range of youthful fountains are available in various options such as indoor drinking fountains and outdoor drinking fountains. Once you have selected the area, you will need to choose from wall mounted fountains, floor standing fountains or simple bottle filling stations.

If you already have a fountain, we have a range of spare parts and water filters to maintain the integrity of your fountain of youth. If you require a maintenance contract, we can arrange that as well.

We are adding new drinking water fountain accessories and spare parts all the time, if you don’t see the product you require please contact us on 0845 500 4455 or contact@drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk

Drinking Water Fountains