A Look At Drinking Fountain Prices In The UK

Are you in need of a drinking fountain but completely unsure of how to find the right long-term hydration? Well we have some good news for you then, in this article we explore the different types of fountains that are available and general drinking fountain prices of these units.

Indoor Drinking Fountains

Wall Mounted

These types of drinking fountain are ideal for environments with limited floor space who need a compact but practical model. They can be installed at different heights to cater for the audience in need of access to drinking water.

Basic models are going to cost you £190 ex VAT and the more advanced units can range up to £800 ex VAT per fountain.

Floor Standing

These types of fountains come in a variety of application and styles including stainless steel, toughened plastic and powder coated. Their capacity varies from five litres of cold water an hour all the way to 60.

Starting at £435 ex VAT and ranging up to just under £800 ex VAT for a high capacity model making them slightly more expansive than the wall mounted models.

Recessed Models

A very specialised fountain that is actually installed at sites during the kit-out stage for new buildings. Due to this prices are not available upfront.

Bottle Filling Stations

Welcome to the world of touchless refills of water bottles. These fountains feature an electronic sensor that automatically fills water bottles with a preset amount of water.

These innovative bottle filling stations start at £530 ex VAT and can cost as much as £2178 ex VAT depending on the functionality of the model.

Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Wall Mounted

Our outdoor fountains feature some of the same units you would find for indoor use with an extension on more robust models.

Basic models are going to cost you £190 ex VAT with some model fetching £800 ex VAT.

External Floor Standing

These fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. They are robust workhorses that can handle areas that demand high capacity drinking water.

Price range of £500 ex VAT to £2000 ex VAT depending on capacity and build.

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