DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas

There is nothing more peaceful and tranquil than listening to an outdoor water fountain trickle water down its feature while you enjoy your morning fix.

Come any season, UK homes are known for its picturesque gardens. Why not spruce your garden up by adding a beautiful garden fountain to take it to another dimension?

We have chosen our favourite DIY outdoor fountain we feel would be an attractive addition to complete your garden.

DIY Outdoor Fountain

Recreate this bamboo water feature to block out the noise and add that much needed Zen atmosphere to your backyard.

• Three pieces of bamboo sticks, 5 inches
• Garden twine
• A bamboo artist cup/holder
• Flexible Clear hose, the correct size to fit in your pump and bamboo cup
• Cobblestones
• A stone basin

Cut down 3 pieces of bamboo pieces to the same length, if you have 5-inch bamboo pieces cut it down to ¾ inch of the sticks. You can find bamboo sticks at Chinatown in your area. Once you have cut the pieces bound them together with gardening twine or string. The next step is to drill a 3/8” whole at the bottom of your bamboo cup and insert 3/8” diameter flexible clear hose. Once you have done this, connect the hose to more pieces to create an “adapter” until it reaches and connects at the pump nozzle. Once this is completed fix the bamboo cup holder with garden twine to sit in the middle and perpendicular on the three bounded bamboo pieces. Make sure the structure is strong and securely connected.

Lastly, place cobblestone in your stone basin, fill up with water, place your bamboo feature on the stone basin and connect the pump.

The work is done and all you have to do is sit back with your coffee, indulge in your favourite book and enjoy the relaxing sounds of streaming water from your DIY outdoor fountain.

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