Handwashing Water Temperature VS Germ Removal

A study conducted by Professor Donald Schaffner and researchers, at Rutgers University, has proven that cold water removes the same number of harmful bacteria as hot water.

The Experiment

Researchers placed high levels of harmful bacteria, multiple times, on the hands of 21 volunteers over a 6-month period. Each time the volunteers were required to wash their hands in 15℃, 26℃ and 100℃ water temperatures. The amount of soap used also varied as they were given either 0.5ml, 1ml or 2ml volumes of soap.

Professor Donald Schaffner claimed that the results of the experiment proved that the temperature of the water “didn’t matter”.

Considering that cold water saves more energy than hot water, the results of this study may prove to be advantageous towards water energy conservation. Another finding from this experiment verified that by washing for 10 seconds significantly removes bacteria from hands.

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