Valentine’s Day Science for Kids

Many kids, when approached with a glass of water or told that it is bath time, will start running for the hills. But as soon as they see a sprinkler, swimming pool or even a water gun they’re over the moon. Why not make Valentine’s Day a little more exciting by doing water-based experiments with the little ones and growing their knowledge as well.

Love Potion

For this experiment you will need:
• Baking Soda
• Vinegar
• Water
• Food colouring or Jelly (Red or any other colours/flavours)
• 4-6 containers or cups
• Spoons

Step 1:
Place all the cups and utensils on a large table and fill the vinegar, water, baking soda and food colouring/jelly into individual containers for easy pouring.

Step 2:
Explain to your little ones that a vinegar and water mixture needs to be poured into a baking soda and food colouring/jelly mixture.

Step 3:
Watch as your kids have the time of their lives as they see the mixture start bubbling like a potion.

Crystal Hearts

For this experiment you will need:
• Boiling water
• Salt
• Food Colouring (preferably red)
• A heat-resistant container
• Red pipe cleaner
• Small stick
• String

Step 1:
Shape the pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart and tie a piece of string from the heart to the small stick.

Step 2:
Mix salt into the boiling water until the salt stops dissolving and then add an extra tablespoon of salt to the mixture.

Step 3:
Place the salt solution into the heat-resistant container and hang the pipe cleaner heart inside. Leave for a few days and once the solution has evaporated the salt will have crystallised onto the pipe cleaner and you have a crystal heart.


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