Heavy Water

Heavy Water – What Is It?

What is Heavy Water?

Heavy water is identified as water that consists of both hydrogen and oxygen (components of normal water) however, the hydrogen elements are uncommon from normal water.

In Heavy Water, the hydrogen atoms have deuterium isotopes rather than the more common protium isotopes.

The main difference between deuterium and protium is that protium has one proton whilst deuterium has both a neutron and a proton within the nucleus.

Deuterium is largely used in fission reactors and as such has a been misappropriated as radioactive – when in fact, it is not. This means that there is no risk of radiation poisoning from drinking it.



As with tap water, there are limits to the intake one should have in terms of consumption. It is generally accepted that more than 3 litres of tap water a day could have adverse side effects as water over-saturates particular membranes and cells in the body.

Heavy Water is no different in this regard. However, it is wise to remember that heavy water has other side effects both from short-term and long-term consumption.

In the short term, Heavy Water may cause dizziness due to the density of the water. The dizziness can be caused by the differing density of the water and density of the fluid in your inner ear. If the fluid in your inner ear is altered; there could be a chance of feeling dizzy or even nauseated.

Long-term consumption of Heavy Water can lead to inhibiting of replication and repair of cells in the body; meiotic and mitotic processes.

Having a body content of more than 20% of heavy water can have extreme side effects on the body. From possible sterilization at 25% to more serious outcomes as the percentage increases.


Staying Safe

Heavy Water is actually quite rare to find in nature and only about 1 water molecule in 20 million naturally contain deuterium. Even if one consumed Heavy Water, it would most likely be displaced by other water in the body as well as water contained in food.



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