Save Water This Summer

The water shortage catastrophe in the UK is becoming a distressing headache to everyday living in the UK as communities were left with no running water this past winter.

The Water supply in the UK stems from rainfall, and in the light of scarce rainfall experienced in the winter months the need for saving water is more important than ever leading into Summer.

The average person in the UK uses astounding 150 litres of water per day, see the infographic below to help you reduce your water wasting footprint and save more this summer.

 Water Saving Tips for the Kitchen

Fix your leaking kitchen taps and sinks.

Fill up the washing machine and dishwasher before use and run them on eco mode.

Water Saving Tips for the Bathroom

Take shorter showers instead of baths, it will cut your water usage by two fifths.

Use aerated shower heads to reduce water flow.

Fix your leaking taps and toilets.

Use the correct flushing option when using the toilet.

Water Saving Tips for the Garden and Outdoors

Catch rainwater and use it to water your garden. Placing a water butt to catch your water from your pipes will help you save water and produce a beautiful flourishing garden too.

Use a bucket and sponge to wash your car instead of a hose.

These tips might be common sense but often forgotten as you go through your day. Drinking Water Fountains pledges to save water, will you do the same?

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