Drinking Water Fountains Hygiene

There are many ways in which we can all help keep public drinking water fountains across the country clean and hygienic for everyone to drink from. If we all work together doing some of these simple things that we’re suggesting in this week’s blog, then it’ll make a big difference to everyone! So read on, […]Read More

St James’ Park gets new Drinking Water Fountains

Following worrying findings that drinking water fountains across the UK’s parks have been falling into disrepair, and thus are unfit for the public to drink from, Authorities have decided to spend some time deciding which fountains standing on land owned by the Royal Parks Foundation, are to be renovated and thus become more appealing to […]Read More

Launch of a Drinking Water Fountains Campaign

We English love a good old bit of campaigning; standing up for what we believe in and making sure the people with the power hear us doing so. We particularly love making a noise about our health, more so if it concerns our children and other young people across the country. Since the release of […]Read More

Drinking water fountains fall into disrepair

It’s a sad state of affairs when we, the British public, do not have access to clean drinking water, even in places of activity and recreation such as public parks. Across the country, it has been reported that drinking water fountains have fallen into disrepair as a result of neglect from local authorities. During the […]Read More

Fairytales with drinking water fountains- part 2

Following the unprecedented success of last week’s fairy tale taster, we’re letting ourselves be inspired by our drinking water fountains once again, and are bringing you, faithful reader, a reminder, or maybe a first introduction, to one of the most magical and wonderful watery fairytales ever written for children. The Water Babies, written by Charles […]Read More

Fairytales with drinking water fountains- part 1

We all love a good fairy tale, with princes and princesses, possibly the odd slaying of an evil dragon, or even a shape-shifting elf. We at drinking water fountains particularly enjoy those stories which revolve around that wonderful, life-giving substance that spurts from our fountains- lovely jubbly water. This week we’re bringing you a Grimm […]Read More

Wake yourself up with our drinking water fountains

It may be true to say that these days, we take the fact that we can rely on our trusty alarm clocks to wake us up in the morning, for granted. We fall into deep slumber knowing that electronics will prevail, and get us up in time for showers, brekkie, and leaving several minutes left […]Read More

Boston students are without drinking water fountains

Following a massive bust water pipe on Saturday 1st May, thousands of Boston school children are returning to class as normal, but with signs posted all over the drinking water fountains and taps in the bathrooms, amidst fears that the water supply remains to be contaminated and not fit for consumption. Schools have sprung into […]Read More

How to get your 8 glasses a day

The task of drinking eight glasses of water per day can seem a daunting one, but we at Drinking Water Fountains are here to help. It’s really a lot easier than you may think; the key is to make your water habits consistent, and to drink in small quantities, that way you’ll not even notice […]Read More

Keep hydrated this summer with drinking water fountains

We all know it’s important to keep hydrated, and that the health benefits of drinking enough water are multiple; higher energy levels and longer concentration span, healthier looking skin and a stronger immune system. The list goes on. Of course, all this is important all year round, but as we approach the summer (and we […]Read More

Playground games to build up your thirst

School drinking water fountains are a must, particularly in the run-up to Summer and the (optimistic) promise of good weather for Britain over the season. It is vital for children to keep hydrated, not only for general health and well-being, but to help sustain concentration in the classroom. Of course, it is also important for […]Read More

Thai new year brings watery Chaos

We do not usually condone wasting water, particularly as we believe so strongly in providing enough drinking water fountains for children at school and at home and for employees in the office, and that water itself is a precious resource. However, we also feel that water can be a lot of fun, particularly when used […]Read More

Princes Gate goes perfectly with a school drinking water fountain

We are all aware of the essential nature of drinking water fountains in schools; not only do children and young adults need water on tap (ho ho) to help them concentrate and perform well in the classroom, the health benefits or keeping hydrated are numerous; an elevated and active immune system to help keep pesky […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains in Bristol Initiative

It was with interest that we saw an article on the BBC website today regarding a newly launched initiative looking at restoring the drinking water fountains in Bristol. We hope that you find it of interest. We offer a full service offering refurbishment of existing drinking water fountains and will be contacting the Bristol council […]Read More

Expensive Artistic Water Fountains

Only in America (Minneapolis), there are plans to install ten drinking fountains designed by artists, a good idea some might argue, the public gets drinking water and some art to look at and admire costing but the project will cost a whopping total of $500,000. Can spending that much on water fountains be justified? We think so, […]Read More

Arguments against Bottled Water and for Water Fountains

A not so balanced view point on bottled water from an American standpoint. It seems that one of the only solutions for the future of our planet is Drinking Water Fountains – which we are of course happy about. We welcome balanced arguments and this strikes us as being a slightly strong on bias against […]Read More

London Needs More Drinking Water Fountains

Carrying on from our last blog about water fountains getting fancy, we thought we’d have a look at why London doesn’t have more outdoor water fountains in it’s parks, especially the big ones such as Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Green Park. Politicians have realised the need for more fountains as London get’s hotter and […]Read More

Water fountains get fancy

Back in the day, outdoor drinking fountains were everywhere, they were vital for the wellbeing of the public and were often the only way to quench the thirst of the villages. They were often a very simple design, nothing too crazy, just a concrete slab with a hole for the water to come out of. […]Read More

Concrete Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

Concrete water fountains are getting increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor locations. They provide a filtered, clean and cold drink of water for everyone. Drinking water fountains are generally used at pools, schools, campuses, parks, patios, campsites, sports arenas, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, indoor and outdoor malls, offices, theaters and public gardens. When looking […]Read More
trumpet drinking water fountain

The Office Water Fountain

The humble office water fountain is giving drinking fountains in general a bad name. It appears the office water fountain is the number one gathering spot for staff to slack off, swap stories about their weekend and to gossip about their co workers. You know how it all works, you go to fill up your water bottle […]Read More

Outstanding Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are a vital part of any outdoor space, whether it’s a park, public swimming pool or your very own backyard. understands the importance of having high quality water fountains available for people in any environment to access,  and is pleased to announce the three outdoor drinking fountains that are stocked by […]Read More

Installing drinking fountains

If you work in a school, office or public premise you should and most probably do, have access to clean drinking water at all times. Most of the time your water supply will just be from your kitchen taps though which can be a pain as it’s not always the right temperature and probably still has […]Read More

Looking to get an Elkay drinking water fountain?

One of the better water fountain companies around at the moment is Elkay. The Elkay range of drinking water fountains are among some of the highest specification drinking water fountains available in the UK. The Elkay company in the States is probably the longest established water cooler manufacturer in the world and the fountains are […]Read More

Merry Christmas from Drinking Water Fountains

It’s that time of year again, where the snow starts to fall, the Christmas trees go up and the festive spirit is alive and well, it’s finally Christmas. And from the entire team here at we would like to wish all our customers and suppliers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. […]Read More

Children need outdoor drinking water fountains

The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) are urging local authorities to provide adequate drinking water in all UK parks to ensure children have access to free drinking water. They argue that due to the lack of outdoor drinking fountains in parks, “children often have to go thirsty or visit ice cream vans, shops or take-aways where […]Read More

Fixing up our schools

The education system in the United Kingdom has never been something to gloat about, perhaps the universities yes, but primary school education has taken a rather large nosedive in the last couple of years in all areas but mainly in the infrastructure. Classrooms are over crowded, there’s not enough room for children to play outside […]Read More

Outdoor drinking fountains a hit with celebs

People all over the world are realising the health benefits of drinking water fountains, not only for their worklife but also their home life. Water coolers are installed in housed all across the United Kingdom every day and now we are seeing an increase in the amount of outdoor drinking fountains being installed in parks, […]Read More

Different environments require different fountains

If you are in charge of renting or purchasing a drinking water fountain you will know there are lots of things to consider first. The top priority is establishing the environment in which the fountain will be used. If it will be used in a school there are different requirements that need to be met […]Read More

Making cities healthier with outdoor drinking fountains

With obesity and heart disease on the rise, it’s important we start taking care of ourselves and the city we live in to ensure the future of the next generation. We can all do simple things to improve our lifestyles and make them more lustrious and healthy, things such as walking or riding a bike to the […]Read More

The Importance of School Drinking Fountains

Education is one of the most important things in life and every parent strives to ensure their child is given the best education available. Schools around the country welcome children in each year to teach them reading, writing and arithmetic, but these days children need to be taught more about life skills and what’s ahead […]Read More

Looking for an outdoor drinking fountain?

Drinking water fountains are no longer only required inside in homes and offices, they are extremely vital to any park, outdoor play/pool area and especially alongside outdoor sports fields and basketball and tennis courts to rehydrate players. If you are looking into purchasing or renting one or some outdoor drinking fountains for an outdoor area there […]Read More

School Drinking Fountains Need a Revamp

There’s often stories in the news about how school water fountains are contaminated with germs and the school water pipes are a bacterial minefield so it’s high time schools started cleaning up their act before all the school drinking fountains are taken out from the halls! The latest news story was from Oregan in the […]Read More

We need more outdoor drinking fountains

Back in the day it was quite common for people in the village to all gather around the village drinking fountain for their daily chat as well as for a swift drink on their way through town. Now with so many germaphobes running around, people are less inclined to drink from outdoor drinking fountains even […]Read More

The Hydrachill Drinking Fountain

Drinking Water Fountains were notified over the weekend of the first installation in the proposed London-wide scheme from the Mayor, to provide Drinking Water Fountains at more points across the city of London. The promised public drinking water fountains have mutated into glorified vending machines as you can see – not really any form on […]Read More

Drinking fountain seen wandering around Kings Cross…

Our good friend Ollie was recently seen dressing up as a drinking fountain and wandering around Kings Cross station, shamelessly bearing all in a silver spandex suit and asking for kindly commuters to put a few pennies in his bucket to help raise money for a volunteer trip to South Africa. Once in South Africa, […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains in The Times were pleased to be asked to comment by The Times regarding the recent installation of a public drinking water fountain in Hyde Park. The article is shown to the right and is available to be downloaded from our website by clicking on the link –   the-times-drinking-water-fountains-24092009. The Times article was commenting on the unveiling […]Read More

Importance of Increasing Drinking Water Supply in Third World Countries

INCREASING DRINKABLE WATER SUPPLY IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES Having a clean drinkable water supply is something every human on the planet should have access to. Water is essential to our survival and everyday life, without it our health would diminish significantly. However, many countries in the third world still do not have access to clean […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains over Bottled Water Coolers

Having an adequate fresh water supply in your life is essential. Whether you are at home, work or at the gym, it’s important to be well hydrated and it’s important as a business owner to ensure your staff have easy access to fresh water. You might already have a water cooler installed but you might […]Read More

Top Three Most Beautiful Water Fountains in the World

TOP THREE MOST BEAUTIFUL WATER FOUNTAINS IN THE WORLD Water fountains were originally created for functionality, to supply water for drinking or to bathe in. In Ancient Rome they started to create water fountains for aesthetic and decorative purposes in courtyards and gardens. Now there are many types of water fountains in the world, drinking […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains for the Office

DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS FOR THE OFFICE It’s important to have a clean water supply in the office environment that is easily accessible to all staff members, not only to prevent dehydration, but to increase productivity amongst staff. Studies have shown people who drink more water and are well hydrated can perform at an optimal level […]Read More

Prevent Obesity with Drinking Water Fountains in Schools

A recent study conducted by the Journal of Paediatrics shows that it is possible to reduce children becoming overweight by introducing drinking water fountains throughout the school; handing out water bottles to the children in class and having teachers use lesson plans that included messages about healthy water consumption. The study was conducted on 32 […]Read More

Sustain and Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) launched on Friday its new initiative to encourage councils to increase the provision of drinking water in parks through the use of drinking water fountains. As the school holidays start the Children’s Food Campaign have launched a national  campaign to improve drinking water provision in public parks.  After playing in […]Read More

Enki fountains supplier to the UK

Drinking Water Fountains is proud to announce that it has been appointed the exclusive distributorship for the Enki drinking water fountain. In the words of the Danish manufacturers, Wodor – “The water cooler ENKI has been designed by Jacob Jensen Design as a tribute to the vitalizing effects of water. ENKI is the God of […]Read More

The Drinking Water Inspectorate

Unofficially known as the “Inspectorate”, the DWI is the highest water authority in the UK. Drinking Water Fountains has increasingly become involved with them through the installation of drinking fountains in public places – and it is important for clients to understand their regulatory framework and the responsibilities they take on when installing public drinking […]Read More

Environmental benefits of public drinking water fountains

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF PUBLIC DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS People can use it to fill up their bottles. Summers are getting hotter – 2008 was the 10th hottest year on record – and it means people can fill up with good clean mains water free and save some money. For more images of drinking water fountains installed […]Read More

Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain Options

OUTDOOR DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS was founded to provide customers with the widest selection and options for drinking water fountains in the UK. Increasingly we find that one of the largest issues facing architects is sourcing suitable fountains for outdoor facilities – and increasingly they are becoming an essential item within education facilities. We offer […]Read More

Drinking Fountain Association

THE DRINKING FOUNTAIN ASSOCIATION One of our aims when we established was to also look to the history of drinking water fountains within the UK and further afield. Research was done and one of the most interesting entities in the industy is the drinking fountains association – The content below is taken directly from […]Read More

Drinking Water fountains for schools

Last week we saw a surge of enquiries from primary schools – strangely though, this was not related to the fine weather that has heralded the start of summer. Both  enquiries were related to the water is cool in school initiative which has received wide spread praise from Uk Ofsted inspectors. We thought it may […]Read More

Mini Drinking Water Fountains for Schools

Ideal for primary schools. These junior drinking water fountains have a small footprint, and are very rugged and durable. They are available as floor standing or wall-mounted and the compact size makes them  ideal for use with younger children. The Mini Drinking Water Fountain is available in black as illustrated, and the Mini Plus Drinking Water Fountain […]Read More

Elkay Drinking Water Fountains

The Elkay range of drinking water fountains are amoung some of the highest specification drinking water fountains available in the UK.  The Elkay company in the States is probably the longest established water cooler manufacturer in the world and they are built to serve office environments over a long term. The EFA range of floor standing […]Read More

Brita Water Fountain Filters

 Drinking Water Fountains have noted a marked increase in the amount of customers who ask whether our fountains come with Brita filtration, and we hope that the information below will allow them to understand our position and decide on whether to take the Brita option over our other water filter options. Brita’s Water Filtration Experience […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains pushed by Canadians

Pressures on local and central governments to provide adequate sources of drinking water for staff have often sparked much debate and led to detailed discussions on the pros and cons of bottled water. This has recently been seen in Canada where a push by 50 municipalities in eight provinces has led to a ban on the […]Read More

US Students Rally for more Water Fountains

A Brock University programming co-ordinator is doing all that she can to get more water fountains installed, or at least have some hydration stations on campus so students can fill up their water bottles instead of having to shell out $2.50 per bottle from the vending machine, or buy the alternative of sugary soft drinks to […]Read More
Drinking Water Fountains