A Look At Drinking Fountain Prices In The UK

Are you in need of a drinking fountain but completely unsure of how to find the right long-term hydration? Well we have some good news for you then, in this article we explore the different types of fountains that are available and general drinking fountain prices of these units. Indoor Drinking Fountains Wall Mounted These […]Read More

Hydration | Drinking Water Compared To Other Drinks

Drinking water is undoubtedly the best for hydration. It contains no calories, doesn’t damage your teeth nor does it contribute to weight gain. However, 20-40% of the daily fluid intake is from food. Drinks other than water often contain calories, sugar, and/or caffeine. Caffeine has a diuretic effect so many people believe tea and coffee […]Read More

Are Public Water Fountains Hygienic?

At common areas like parks, gyms, schools or universities its essential that there are easily accessible water solutions. However, many people question whether it’s sanitary to use a public drinking water fountain as so many people have used it before you have. We are about to explain the dirty and not so dirty truth. Debunking […]Read More

How your body uses water

We all know water is extremely important for our bodies. You can last 3 weeks without eating any food but can only survive 3 days without drinking water! And that by the time you realise you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. But do you know exactly why it’s so good for us and how […]Read More

Indoor Bottle Filling Station

If your workplace keeps up with the latest technologies, it probably has an indoor bottle filling station. The most basic water bottle filling stations are essentially a water fountain with an extra nozzle for bottles. Combined with keeping staff hydrated, they get some exercise in the process. While we all know the benefits of having […]Read More

A Brief and Curious History of Drinking Water Fountains

It’s time for Drinking Water Fountains to take you on a historical timeline. Ever wondered where drinking fountains derived from or how they emerged? Well, let us enlighten you. It is believed that an early example of a water fountain dates back to around 3000 BC. This water fountain was found in Mesopotamia. The drinking […]Read More

Spare Parts For Your Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we take great pride in building and maintaining long term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We supply drinking water fountains and their complementing spare parts to customers throughout the UK. We only source the highest quality water dispenser products available on the market and it is our aim to thoroughly […]Read More

We Stock Drinking Fountains For All Sectors

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock the widest selection of drinking fountains available on the UK market. Whether you need a floor standing model or a unit that is built into the very infrastructure of your building, we are sure to stock the ideal hydration solution for you. Drinking fountains come in numerous shapes, sizes […]Read More

The Impact of Having a Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of drinking water fountains designed to suit a number of workspace requirements. We have one of the largest varieties of drinking fountains and take living up to our high service levels seriously. Whether you need an indoor fountain or an outdoor unit, we […]Read More

Why Maintenance is Important for Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock one of the widest selections of water fountains available on the UK market. As leaders in the hydration industry, we have over 10 years’ experience in scoping environments and installing drinking water fountains. Whether you need an indoor drinking fountain or a more robust external model, we are sure […]Read More

Pros Of Having A Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide range of water dispensers that are sure to provide numerous types of environments with refreshing drinking water. Drinking fountains come in different sizes and shapes as well as functionalities. From floor standing models to wall mounted units, we are sure to have a long term hydration solution […]Read More

Exploring Bottle Filling Stations

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock only the most reliable and innovative drinking fountains available on the market. Ensuring that all of our customers’ needs and requirements are met is a top priority for us. Talking about innovation in our industry, our range of bottle filling stations are the latest modern twist to hydration solutions. […]Read More

Troubleshooting Your Drinking Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide variety of drinking fountains that are suitable for all types of environments and sectors. We also strongly believe in ensuring that our customers’ needs and requirements are met when it comes to their preferred hydration solution. Drinking fountains are robust water dispensers that require little maintenance and […]Read More

Your One Stop Shop For Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains supplies an extensive range of specialised drinking water solutions. We have over a decade of experience in supplying customers who are seeking to install lasting drinking fountains in their respective facilities. Indoor Drinking Fountains We offer an extensive range of indoor drinking water solutions tailored to suit a variety of different requirements. […]Read More

Our Indoor Drinking Water Fountains Range

At Drinking Water Fountains, we offer a wide range of water fountains for both indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking for floor standing units or wall mounted fountains and even bottle filling stations, we stock them all. Our drinking water fountains come in a variety of styles that are the ideal hydration solutions […]Read More

We Supply Drinking Fountain Spare Parts

Looking for affordable and reliable drinking water fountain spare parts? As our name suggests, we supply everything when it comes to your drinking fountain. At Drinking Water Fountains, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of drinking fountain parts to customers across the UK. Not only do we offer an extensive online store of […]Read More

Do All Drinking Water Fountains Come With A Built-In Filter?

Our aim at Drinking Water Fountains is to deliver efficient and effective services to our valued customers. There are various technicalities which need to be addressed when it comes to choosing the best hydration solution for your environment. Drinking Water Fountains and Filters A question that we have come across often is whether all drinking […]Read More

Did You Know We Rent Drinking Water Fountains?

Drinking water fountains are increasingly becoming a popular installation in both recreational and educational environments. The convenience of having water readily available and easy to access is a necessity in public areas. We offer the largest selection of outdoor drinking fountains in the UK including floor standing and wall mounted units. Our indoor drinking water […]Read More

Installing Drinking Water Fountains

We aim to provide quality services to all our water coolers and water fountains customers to ensure that we met their requirements time after time. Every drinking water fountain is unique and has intricate care processes. We have a team of highly skilled water specialists who are able to install your drinking water fountain. They […]Read More

The Importance of a Water Filter

We offer a variety of drinking fountain water filters. Their function is to filter mains water before it goes through the drinking fountain to ensure that the water consumed is free of contaminants. Water filters are an important element for a water fountain, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We supply customers with two main […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountain Rental Options

At Drinking Water Fountains, we offer affordable long and short term rental agreements to customers across the UK. If you are looking for a reliable drinking water fountain, we stock a wide variety of dispensers that are sure to match numerous requirements and environments. From floor standing water fountains to wall mounted water fountains, we […]Read More

We Offer Drinking Fountain Repair Services

At Drinking Water Fountains, we firmly believe in establishing long term relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality products as well as assisting them with the long term maintenance service and plans. Drinking fountains are robust workhorses that deliver a high capacity of refreshing water time after time. Although […]Read More

Our Bestselling Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains we offer a variety of indoor drinking water fountains that are designed to suit a number of requirements and environments. From wall mounted to floor standing fountains, we stock long term hydration solutions that will constantly produce fresh and filtered water. Looking for the ideal drinking water fountain for your working […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains in Schools

Did you know that a fifth of UK school children drink no water and 10% of schools lack drinking water facilities? The importance of having easily accessible drinking water fountains at schools has been a rising factor. There are various reasons as to why this is a growing problem. Luckily, there is a solution which […]Read More

Popular Drinking Water Fountain Brands

Are you looking to rent or purchase a drinking water fountain? We have some awesome news for you, we stock a variety of high quality drinking water fountain brands available at sound prices. Whether you need a wall mounted, floor standing or recessed drinking fountain, we stock them all. Each drinking water fountain is hand […]Read More

Drinking Fountains For Construction Sites

Water consumption on construction sites is a very important matter to consider when planning an up and coming construction project. At Drinking Water Fountains, we supply fountains to construction sites across the UK. We understand the importance of hydration for workers on construction sites and offer short term, high usage fountain hire. We are relatively […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains For Leisure Facilities

Looking for the latest innovations in the water fountain market? Drinking Water Fountains has a reputation for supplying leisure industries with top of the range, long term hydration solutions. We stock everything from floor standing drinking fountains to bottle filling stations which are ideal solutions for gyms, spas and sports clubs alike. If you are […]Read More

Public Sector Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains offer customers the widest range of long term hydration solutions which are available for rent or straight up purchase. We pride ourselves in offering our customers across the UK with quality drinking fountains and exceptional customer services. The Public Sector Is Our Speciality We specialise in installing and maintaining drinking water fountains […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains For The Health Sector

Drinking Water Fountains are a leading supplier of a wide range of drinking fountain solutions. We offer indoor fountains to customers across the UK and have ten years of industry experience in providing a range of integrated long term hydration solutions. Our hand selected indoor drinking water fountains are ideal for hospitals, medical centres, nursing […]Read More

The New Pro Stream From Cosmetal

Drinking Water Fountains love finding new products that make your life easier. It is time to say goodbye to long waiting times for hot water! Now with the touch of a button, the innovative Pro Stream from Cosmetal will instantly dispense extra hot water at 98° C which is the ideal temperature for a number […]Read More

Do I Need a Water Cooler or a Drinking Water Fountain?

Getting the right source of clean and filtered water can be quite tricky if you are not sure what type of system you actually need. There are numerous options out there, from bottled water coolers to indoor drinking water fountains so it can become a bit confusing deciding what the best option for you is. Well, […]Read More

Elkay Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains are a proud distributor of Elkay drinking fountains. These drinking fountains are one of the most popular and sought after water dispensers in the United Kingdom. This world renowned company have been manufacturing and distributing drinking fountains for over one hundred years and offer a vast range of both indoor and outdoor […]Read More

Oasis Drinking Fountains

  Drinking Water Fountains are a proud distributor of Oa sis drinking fountains and water coolers. Oasis established its business over 100 years ago in both the United Kingdom and Europe. This well recognized brand can now be found worldwide and provides top of the range bottled and plumbed-in coolers as well as filtration equipment, non-refrigerated drinking […]Read More

Why Choose a Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking water fountains are a great way to provide chilled, clean water in your office or home environment. Drinking water fountains are especially popular in areas occupied by large numbers of people including larger offices, schools, universities, event centres and other areas where water is in high demand. Let’s have a look at some of […]Read More

Water Fountains and Public Health

Drinking Water Fountains are one of the leading suppliers of high quality water related products in the UK which includes indoor and outdoor water fountains. We’ve outlined the benefits of installing a drinking fountain and addressed common concerns related to hygiene and safety to help you choose the right water fountain for you. Water fountains […]Read More

Water Quality | Troubleshooting

One of the easier water fountain issues to detect is water quality. It generally comes down to the taste of the water itself or whether any odours are emitted. This may be caused by a number of problems, but it usually comes down to the installation of the unit and method applied by the technicians. […]Read More
Stay Hydrated

Why Water Fountains Are Great For Gyms

According to the Natural Hydration Council in the UK – drinking water before, during and after exercise helps us to work out more efficiently and for longer. In fact, physical and cognitive performance can suffer when we are poorly hydrated while working out or playing sports. It’s no surprise that gyms of all shapes and […]Read More

How to Stay Cool and Out of the Heatwave this Summer

Summer: a much celebrated season that encourages outdoor activities and much needed breaks. It’s a time for great joy, but also presents its own set of challenges, with heat being one of them. On the 30th of July, the Met Office issued a level 2 alert in preparation of a heatwave that could possibly increase […]Read More

How water filters work

Even when water looks perfectly clear and clean, there could still be harmful bacteria, chemicals or microscopic particles in it. This is why it’s essential to have a proper system in place to clean the water you use – whether it’s drinking fountain water filters at the office or a filtration system on your taps […]Read More

This Woman Is On A Mission to Save Drinking Fountains

Can you remember the last time you saw a drinking fountain, never mind actually drank from one? Around the world, heading to the shops to buy bottled water has become far more common than looking for a tap to take a drink from. It’s not exactly surprising since the interest in drinking water even in […]Read More

Can We Live Without Bottled Water?

Imagine a world where bottled water doesn’t exist. Would we be able to live like that?  Perhaps a better question would be: should we live without it? Producing bottled water has harrowing effects on the environment, yet we consume it at an alarming rate.  According to The Water Project, plastic bottles take more than 1000 […]Read More
Employee Health Drinking Water Fountain

How Water Impacts Employee Wellbeing

Slowly the reality is dawning – companies need to start paying better attention to their staff members’ health and wellbeing. This is currently at the forefront of discussions in business circles, since the only way to maintain a competitive advantage in the long term is for a company to make their staffs’ physical and mental […]Read More
water drinking fountains schools pupils

Can Drinking Water Fountains be Safe in Schools?

As most of you know, the news has recently been set alight by the story of a nine-year-old boy who was granted – and then lost – a pay-out of £3 215 after cutting himself on a drinking water fountain when his seven-year-old brother moved out of the way of his fist. While the internet […]Read More
Billboard drinking fountain

Billboard Drinking Fountain

A team of brilliant engineering students from Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology have tdeveloped the worlds first billboard drinking fountain station – A lifesaver for the residents of the desert city of Lima. The brainchild of the creative director of Peru’s advertising agency Mayo DraftFCB, the billboard is a brilliant way to ‘kill two […]Read More

Colorado Drinking Fountain from Oasis

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Colorado water fountain from Oasis. The best value stainless steel water fountain available in the UK. Oasis have been manufacturing water fountains in the USA since 1910 and finally in 2012 they have launched a great value fountain that suits many environments. The new Colorado fountain […]Read More
Drinking Water Fountains in offices

DWF1 Drinking water fountain

Here at Drinking water fountains we recognise the need for a solid and robust drinking fountain in many locations. Our DWF1 and DWF2 fountains are made of solid grade 304 steel making them ideal. They are perfect for use in schools and educational institutions. The DWF2 includes a stainless steel shroud which conceals the pipework.Please […]Read More

Recent Installation of Oasis VersaFillers Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains recently undertook  the replacement of some old fountains at the Warren Wood Primary School. The fountains selected by the School were the New Oasis Chilled VersaFillers . These ingenious fountains offer the standard water projector for drinking directly from the fountain as well as a push button filling station that allows for […]Read More

UNB to replace 50 Drinking water fountains

Officials at The University of New Brunswick recently raised concerns about lead in water dispensed by drinking water fountains on campus. As a result, the university will replace about 50 water fountains. The university tested 550 taps and drinking water fountains on campus. Among those, about 90 had lead levels above the Government guideline for drinking water […]Read More

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Drinking Water fountain

An unsanitary drinking fountain is not only an eyesore but can also spread germs to its visitors. This can be avoided by cleaning the fountain regularly. Routine cleaning is also essential to keep a drinking water fountain working properly. Lime and calcium build up can begin to block the water from coming through the bubbler […]Read More

outdoor fountains

Here at Drinking Water Fountains we are proud to offer the Halsey Taylor range of external drinking water fountains. These fountains offer a great amount of flexibility, ranging from small compact wall mounted basins through to mighty triple-arm bottle filling stations. All fountains are available in a variety of finishes so there is sure to […]Read More

Any RAL finish now available on our model 501 and 555

Drinking water fountains are now able to offer a range of colourful finishes on the 501 and 555 classic outdoor fountains. These are perfect for brightening up any playground and are available with either direct drink bubbler or with bottle filling attachment. Please give us a call on 0845 500 4455 for further information.Read More

Drinking Fountains in Department Stores

Thank God for drinking fountains in department stores! You may have not noticed them, but there will come the day when you will be so  thirsty from walking around the shelves, the racks, your eyes are even going to be dried out from all the colours, fabrics, shoes and so many others things. You will crave […]Read More

Water Fountains From Oasis

We carry the full range of water drinking fountains from Oasis. If you have any idea about fountains, you have probably noticed that Oasis is the name on most of the commonplace fountains in various facilities. These fountains can be seen not only in the UK, but throughout Europe as well. You can check out […]Read More

City Halls Encourage People to Drink from Drinking Fountains

How long has it been, since you felt the joy of having water from a drinking fountain when you are thirsty? You cannot even begin to describe the feeling whenever you find a water fountain in the park or in the hallway of a hospital or a concert hall especially when you are thirsty and […]Read More

Dubai Taxis get their Own Drinking Fountains

A new initiative running in the city of Dubai will see taxis getting their own versions of drinking fountains installed in their back seats, to provide much needed refreshment to passengers travelling in the scorching climate. Following a deal signed just a few weeks ago by the Dubai Taxi Corporation, the Roads and Transport Authority, […]Read More

Images of Old Drinking Water Fountains Site

Firstly images of the Drinking Water Fountains from yesterday before the changes Secondly images of the Drinking Water Fountains website from 2009Read More

Sparkling Drinking Water Fountain pioneered by Parisians

A sparkling drinking water fountain named with trademark french finesse La Pétillante (translation: ‘she who sparkles’) is now a permanent fixture in Paris at the prominent foot traffic location Jardin de Reuilly park in the east of the city. The innovative public water fountain is believed to be a world first in the public sector […]Read More

Expensive Artistic Water Fountains

Only in America (Minneapolis), there are plans to install ten drinking fountains designed by artists, a good idea some might argue, the public gets drinking water and some art to look at and admire costing but the project will cost a whopping total of $500,000. Can spending that much on water fountains be justified? We think so, […]Read More
trumpet drinking water fountain

The Office Water Fountain

The humble office water fountain is giving drinking fountains in general a bad name. It appears the office water fountain is the number one gathering spot for staff to slack off, swap stories about their weekend and to gossip about their co workers. You know how it all works, you go to fill up your water bottle […]Read More

Installing drinking fountains

If you work in a school, office or public premise you should and most probably do, have access to clean drinking water at all times. Most of the time your water supply will just be from your kitchen taps though which can be a pain as it’s not always the right temperature and probably still has […]Read More

Looking to get an Elkay drinking water fountain?

One of the better water fountain companies around at the moment is Elkay. The Elkay range of drinking water fountains are among some of the highest specification drinking water fountains available in the UK. The Elkay company in the States is probably the longest established water cooler manufacturer in the world and the fountains are […]Read More

Drinking fountain seen wandering around Kings Cross…

Our good friend Ollie was recently seen dressing up as a drinking fountain and wandering around Kings Cross station, shamelessly bearing all in a silver spandex suit and asking for kindly commuters to put a few pennies in his bucket to help raise money for a volunteer trip to South Africa. Once in South Africa, […]Read More

Importance of Increasing Drinking Water Supply in Third World Countries

INCREASING DRINKABLE WATER SUPPLY IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES Having a clean drinkable water supply is something every human on the planet should have access to. Water is essential to our survival and everyday life, without it our health would diminish significantly. However, many countries in the third world still do not have access to clean […]Read More

Top Three Most Beautiful Water Fountains in the World

TOP THREE MOST BEAUTIFUL WATER FOUNTAINS IN THE WORLD Water fountains were originally created for functionality, to supply water for drinking or to bathe in. In Ancient Rome they started to create water fountains for aesthetic and decorative purposes in courtyards and gardens. Now there are many types of water fountains in the world, drinking […]Read More

The Drinking Water Inspectorate

Unofficially known as the “Inspectorate”, the DWI is the highest water authority in the UK. Drinking Water Fountains has increasingly become involved with them through the installation of drinking fountains in public places – and it is important for clients to understand their regulatory framework and the responsibilities they take on when installing public drinking […]Read More

Drinking Fountain Association

THE DRINKING FOUNTAIN ASSOCIATION One of our aims when we established was to also look to the history of drinking water fountains within the UK and further afield. Research was done and one of the most interesting entities in the industy is the drinking fountains association – The content below is taken directly from […]Read More

Brita Water Fountain Filters

 Drinking Water Fountains have noted a marked increase in the amount of customers who ask whether our fountains come with Brita filtration, and we hope that the information below will allow them to understand our position and decide on whether to take the Brita option over our other water filter options. Brita’s Water Filtration Experience […]Read More
Drinking Water Fountains