We Offer Drinking Fountain Repair Services

At Drinking Water Fountains, we firmly believe in establishing long term relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality products as well as assisting them with the long term maintenance service and plans. Drinking fountains are robust workhorses that deliver a high capacity of refreshing water time after time. Although […]Read More

This Woman Is On A Mission to Save Drinking Fountains

Can you remember the last time you saw a drinking fountain, never mind actually drank from one? Around the world, heading to the shops to buy bottled water has become far more common than looking for a tap to take a drink from. It’s not exactly surprising since the interest in drinking water even in […]Read More
Drinking Fountain Tap

Replacement Drinking water fountain taps

Drinking water fountains are our game. Since 2006 we have been supplying drinking fountain solutions to clients across the UK. We also offer a maintenance service and one of the most commonly requested parts is drinking water fountain taps. We all know from time to time things tend to break.In general buying replacement parts directly […]Read More

Bubbler Cartridges

There are many bubbler cartridges available in the UK that are suitable across most drinking fountains. To ensure the long term usage of your fountain we encourage that the bubbler cartridges are changed annually. At Drinking water fountains use the Tomlinson Pro-Flo – the industry leading bubbler cartridges – and these are a stock items […]Read More

Spare Parts and Accessories

Here at Drinking Water Fountains we pride ourselves on our extensive range of spare parts and our massive knowledge database. Generally if it exists we can find it. We are suppliers of Halsey Taylor , Elkay, Oasis and Acorn Powell spares not to mention many others. We also stock a huge range of universal replacement […]Read More

Replacing a drinking fountain bubbler Cartridge

Changing a drinking fountain bubbler cartridge is a fairly straight forward process. It is the part of a drinking water fountain that needs to be regularly (annually or bi-annually) and we can sell you the spare part and assist you with how to replace it Inside the bubbler is a solenoid type cartridge which can […]Read More
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