Indoor Bottle Filling Station

If your workplace keeps up with the latest technologies, it probably has an indoor bottle filling station. The most basic water bottle filling stations are essentially a water fountain with an extra nozzle for bottles. Combined with keeping staff hydrated, they get some exercise in the process. While we all know the benefits of having […]Read More

A Brief and Curious History of Drinking Water Fountains

It’s time for Drinking Water Fountains to take you on a historical timeline. Ever wondered where drinking fountains derived from or how they emerged? Well, let us enlighten you. It is believed that an early example of a water fountain dates back to around 3000 BC. This water fountain was found in Mesopotamia. The drinking […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains for Schools

Children’s hydration is important as their bodies lose typically more water than adults. Children spend majority of their day at school which gives schools the opportunity to enhance and support the importance of drinking water. We all know that children are generally very active especially during break periods and in class (even when they are […]Read More

Pros Of Having A Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide range of water dispensers that are sure to provide numerous types of environments with refreshing drinking water. Drinking fountains come in different sizes and shapes as well as functionalities. From floor standing models to wall mounted units, we are sure to have a long term hydration solution […]Read More

Your One Stop Shop For Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains supplies an extensive range of specialised drinking water solutions. We have over a decade of experience in supplying customers who are seeking to install lasting drinking fountains in their respective facilities. Indoor Drinking Fountains We offer an extensive range of indoor drinking water solutions tailored to suit a variety of different requirements. […]Read More

Our Indoor Drinking Water Fountains Range

At Drinking Water Fountains, we offer a wide range of water fountains for both indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking for floor standing units or wall mounted fountains and even bottle filling stations, we stock them all. Our drinking water fountains come in a variety of styles that are the ideal hydration solutions […]Read More

We Supply Drinking Fountain Spare Parts

Looking for affordable and reliable drinking water fountain spare parts? As our name suggests, we supply everything when it comes to your drinking fountain. At Drinking Water Fountains, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of drinking fountain parts to customers across the UK. Not only do we offer an extensive online store of […]Read More

The Importance of a Water Filter

We offer a variety of drinking fountain water filters. Their function is to filter mains water before it goes through the drinking fountain to ensure that the water consumed is free of contaminants. Water filters are an important element for a water fountain, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We supply customers with two main […]Read More

Our Bestselling Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains we offer a variety of indoor drinking water fountains that are designed to suit a number of requirements and environments. From wall mounted to floor standing fountains, we stock long term hydration solutions that will constantly produce fresh and filtered water. Looking for the ideal drinking water fountain for your working […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains For Leisure Facilities

Looking for the latest innovations in the water fountain market? Drinking Water Fountains has a reputation for supplying leisure industries with top of the range, long term hydration solutions. We stock everything from floor standing drinking fountains to bottle filling stations which are ideal solutions for gyms, spas and sports clubs alike. If you are […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains For The Health Sector

Drinking Water Fountains are a leading supplier of a wide range of drinking fountain solutions. We offer indoor fountains to customers across the UK and have ten years of industry experience in providing a range of integrated long term hydration solutions. Our hand selected indoor drinking water fountains are ideal for hospitals, medical centres, nursing […]Read More

Water Fountains and Public Health

Drinking Water Fountains are one of the leading suppliers of high quality water related products in the UK which includes indoor and outdoor water fountains. We’ve outlined the benefits of installing a drinking fountain and addressed common concerns related to hygiene and safety to help you choose the right water fountain for you. Water fountains […]Read More
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Why Water Fountains Are Great For Gyms

According to the Natural Hydration Council in the UK – drinking water before, during and after exercise helps us to work out more efficiently and for longer. In fact, physical and cognitive performance can suffer when we are poorly hydrated while working out or playing sports. It’s no surprise that gyms of all shapes and […]Read More
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Can Drinking Water Fountains be Safe in Schools?

As most of you know, the news has recently been set alight by the story of a nine-year-old boy who was granted – and then lost – a pay-out of £3 215 after cutting himself on a drinking water fountain when his seven-year-old brother moved out of the way of his fist. While the internet […]Read More
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Water shortages at the Olympics

Water fountains are a valuable resource and the London Olympics have seen the potential problems caused when there is not enough access to drinking water fountains. Water supplies have been seen over the past week during the opening days of the Olympics as temperatures, and thirst levels, soared. Spectators cannot bring drinks of more than […]Read More
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UNB to replace 50 water fountains

Officials at The University of New Brunswick raised concerns about lead in water dispensed by drinking water fountains on campus. As a result, the university will replace about 50 water fountains. The university tested 550 taps and drinking water fountains on campus. Among those, about 90 fixtures had lead levels above the federal guideline for drinking water […]Read More

Indoor drinking water fountains for School

Our slimline Junior floor standing fountains are perfect for use in Primary and Secondary School Environments. The direct chill technology reduces running costs and increases efficiency as they only chill the water used and contain no storage tank.This also means there is no bacteria build up within the fountain, keeping the water pure. Our slimline […]Read More

Elkay Drinking Water Fountains

The Elkay range of drinking water fountains are amoung some of the highest specification drinking water fountains available in the UK.  The Elkay company in the States is probably the longest established water cooler manufacturer in the world and they are built to serve office environments over a long term. The EFA range of floor standing […]Read More
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