The New Pro Stream From Cosmetal

Drinking Water Fountains love finding new products that make your life easier. It is time to say goodbye to long waiting times for hot water! Now with the touch of a button, the innovative Pro Stream from Cosmetal will instantly dispense extra hot water at 98° C which is the ideal temperature for a number […]Read More

Elkay Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains are a proud distributor of Elkay drinking fountains. These drinking fountains are one of the most popular and sought after water dispensers in the United Kingdom. This world renowned company have been manufacturing and distributing drinking fountains for over one hundred years and offer a vast range of both indoor and outdoor […]Read More
Employee Health Drinking Water Fountain

How Water Impacts Employee Wellbeing

Slowly the reality is dawning – companies need to start paying better attention to their staff members’ health and wellbeing. This is currently at the forefront of discussions in business circles, since the only way to maintain a competitive advantage in the long term is for a company to make their staffs’ physical and mental […]Read More
trumpet drinking water fountain

The Office Water Fountain

The humble office water fountain is giving drinking fountains in general a bad name. It appears the office water fountain is the number one gathering spot for staff to slack off, swap stories about their weekend and to gossip about their co workers. You know how it all works, you go to fill up your water bottle […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains for the Office

DRINKING WATER FOUNTAINS FOR THE OFFICE It’s important to have a clean water supply in the office environment that is easily accessible to all staff members, not only to prevent dehydration, but to increase productivity amongst staff. Studies have shown people who drink more water and are well hydrated can perform at an optimal level […]Read More
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